May 12, 2012

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Taylor Lautner And His Hottest Pics

Taylor Lautner And His Hottest Pics

You Gotta Just Adore Him,, i know alot bout taylor and right here are 29 details about him 1.Taylor is a black belt in karateat 11 he was a globe junior champion. two.he loves steak and mexican food! can get team taylor panties =D lmaoo four.he fancies Jessica Alba 🙁 five.he didnt even know about the twighlight books until hed got the part in the film 6.he nonetheless has chores just like us, andd he gets his pocket funds!! a normal teen thats what we like 7.his B-day is 11 february!! 8.He is really multi-culturalhe is element French, Dutch, German and he is also pert Potawatomi and Ottawa Indian!!! we like the exoticness hehe 9.his middle name was taken from his father Daniel.:) ten.he can do cartwheels with no hands=O) we likee 11.he does examine out his fansites simply because he likes to know what we feel of him!! 😀 12.he remebers his real friedsthe ones who were there prior to e was renowned! bless a correct guy 13.he has a dog-Maltese Terrire- referred to as roxy 14.he often watches american idol and the apprentice!! total genius hehe 15.he had chemistry with his co-star Kstew. 16.he gained 30ils on protein shakes to buff up for his movie twighlight!!! so committed we like that to hehe 17.the wig he wore annoys himhe mentioned that he when looked at himself and didnt recognise that individual in the mirror:O he has an alter ego lool either that or a twin!! result haha !! 18.he owes his career to a burger! his karate teacher told him to go for an audition for a rapidly food add and it so totaly got him into acting
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  1. Brenna Martinez says:

    Taylor I sooooooo hot omg sooooooo hot I can’t breath right now!!!!!!!!!! I want him sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!’

  2. niko9578 says:

    1:04 love it!

  3. Shelly2010ize says:

    he is so HOT i have 10 posters of him

  4. LilToothpickx33 says:

    I love the first one, motorcycle, hydrant, walking and smiling and buying the game ones, him throwing the football, in his black suit, the hand stand, flexing, with his tongue out and basically the last few. LMAO. & Some of these pictures aren’t even OF him!

  5. momorocks101 says:

    Tay WILL be mine.

  6. kenasiagir says:

    thats my baby daddy

  7. superpinkpoodle says:

    i LOVE taylor sssssssooooooooooooo much hes soooo hot!

  8. koolgurl83movies says:

    four comments!?! look at the views there should heaps more!! come on people!!!

  9. werawesomeness says:

    GO ELLY!!!!!!!!!

  10. koolgurl83movies says:

    Team Jacob all the way..
    More taylor Lautner Movies are coming soon!

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