May 28, 2012

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The Truth About Drugs

The Truth About Drugs

The Truth About Drugs

See Cool Drug Videos Spiders On Drugs In 1965 Dr. Peter Witt gave some drugs to some spiders and watched the effect on internet constructing. This short film about the results and was developed by Initial Church Of Christ, Filmmaker.

  1. PS3superbond007 says:

    Try weed and say that

  2. HawkEye4071 says:


  3. Kevin323gaw says:

    koo vid thx!!

  4. SmexiiiiKittyyy99 says:

    theres a type of drug called drug..? o.O

  5. Totally agree with you. About water.

    She is like a very diligent and hardworking school girl who thinks that everything is either black or white and every question there is sooner or later will be answered by the rulling class of scientists sponsored by governments which acts as puppets in the hands of large and evil corporations rulled by few rich people.

  6. codependent864 says:

    Too much water can kill you too OMG water is poison!! OMG I’m addicted to Facebook thus Facebook is a DRUG …. gimme a break!!!

  7. 007HubbaBubba says:

    U R So Good!

  8. Sync to solid symbiotic presentation. Thanking you U U U teme psychetruth.
    C19: mod. L., from Gk sumbiōsis ‘a living together’, from sumbioun ‘live together’, from sumbios ‘companion’.

  9. rcountess says:

    Excellent video!! Thank you for presenting straightforward facts!

  10. diptdipt says:

    In all this game, the devil is losing and at the end will be accused of everything because GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil because he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is the savior and hope.

  11. broadcastmyass4u says:


  12. sneaksuit says:

    She uses alot of good facts but her language is misleading. Many drugs are made by the earth for us and should be used accordingly. Unfortunately most drugs, especially pharmaceuticals, are abused. Good drugs are psychedelics.

  13. EmperorColo says:

    LSD is less toxic than SUGAR. Much less toxic(when comparing average doses taken). You would need around 3000 hits in one setting to be harmed/killed. She seems to overlook the fact that even WATER can kill you if too much is consumed, which obviously doesn’t make water a poison. It only becomes a poison at a certain dose, like everything else. People that say drugs are all poison drive me nuts.

  14. br0nc096 says:

    I never said it wasn’t produced in the brain. I just said that there is no proof that it causes dreams or NDEs like everyone thinks because Joe Rogan told them.

  15. Now, every time you said “fact”, you meant to say “I think” or “I’ve heard” right?

  16. phivemicslive says:

    We get it bro! Go back on you meds homie!

  17. phivemicslive says:

    “Fact:” DMT is produced naturally in the brain. The link between DMT and dreams is not fully known; however, there have been studies concerning the relationship between the two. I’m not really sure what your trying to say here…

  18. BeBorderLine says:

    and when could i talk (which is very frustrating) about drugs, what people call drugs, what I should do or not do. I do feel controlled (in a good way by drugs) maybe that is because after being on my initial drug treatment for tow years for a-typical psychosis. Please a video of greg on drugs and son of ….. (jesus

  19. BeBorderLine says:

    especially to a person who has spent a quarter of there life on medication (despite the clear opportunity for discussion on drugs, and medication. I have been off medication for two years (anti psychotic medication for very acute schisophrenia (for which i was hospitalized with) tomorrow I seem to face a discussion of drugs, (maybe a prayer) to avoid the subject of medication. This is calling my family nuts. Since when in the last five years have i had the chance to say such things.

  20. BeBorderLine says:

    To my nutty family anyway, who are just like but, but, but. I really dont know how to fix this problem. despite my families belief in me and that they are god. So i really dont know how to say anything wiothout being called a nazi. I really dont know why. What has my belief in god or necessity got to do with people taking drugs or medcation. This is nothing but an arguement as you can see but I dont think people are not argueing with me on the subject of drugs,

  21. BeBorderLine says:

    medication=god? people telling you meds? How does that work?? like that would bother those that know. I know. And something without life, can not exactly take drugs, or even be given drugs (rather than wet kisses) just so people can get the hell out of your office. As I say I think I have problems with the subject. I am not sure I have answered but its just like “meds?” And what I say. I am glad that you dont condone meds natalie,

  22. RandomAppleness says:

    Go fuck yourself, you weak piece of shit.

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