Jun 28, 2012

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Celebrity Gossip News And American Idol Oops!

Celebrity Gossip News And American Idol Oops!

Who Followed Ashley & Pete’s Instance And Also Got Married This Week?! Plus A American Idol Scandal & Britney Spears Gives a Nice Sum To Her Dad. All That And More Right Right here On GetTheDaily.com – Your Online Supply For News.
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  2. House3211 says:

    She needs to be naked.

  3. Filmaker25 says:

    With all of those who have lost Unemployment benefits and thier house – WHY WOULD WE CARE ABOUT THIS CRAP!!

  4. resolutesynergy says:

    Bowersox Rocks! Just saw the yesterdays show at lastnightstvshows (.) com, she is going to win it…

  5. jowhoriskey says:

    oh shut up u boring bitch

  6. hebrewgit says:

    shit man

  7. SPR00KS says:

    Seacrest sucks.

  8. aprina1 says:

    white trash

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