Jun 14, 2012

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Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom

Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom

Take it not to severe. It is a tribute to our beloved cartoon heroes. Which plays genuinely good along with the song
Video Rating: three / five

  1. Mol3Mixes says:

    better with mind heist

  2. DarkDogg309 says:

    Only cos Julian McMahon plays it !

  3. Influx27 says:

    WTF?! Most of this video is of stuff that is Not the fight scene!

  4. bawan44 says:

    whats the power of dr doom?

  5. IlidanTheBetrayer says:

    like the others need to watch it in mute mode. Easily Marvels best superhero team, wayy cooler than X-men and Doom is easy Marvels best villian but he was the nly thing that this film messed up. Doom is clever than every marvel character other than reed richards, and I don’t think either of the films stressed his genius enough (plus they didn’t invilve him actually being the MONARCH of Latveria.

  6. jonanice says:

    good vid (had to watch it in mute mode mind you)

  7. Blueruler182 says:

    Great vid. I liked the first movie, all they screwed up was Doom.

  8. TheEvilEye13 says:

    In the comics, a few games, and a animated serie I saw recently, he definitely is. One of the better villains there is, really.

    But in this movie? He is forgettable, nothing special, for fans of the true Doom as in the comics it is a huge insult on the character

  9. Elektrasex says:

    Nice job!

    aha, song’s kinda funny


    which program did you use?
    and Can you give me a quick explanation on how you made this video?
    & do you have to have the original movie/dvd??

  10. teasaaaaa says:

    Dr Doom is a great villian

  11. tigrica545 says:

    it is cool video and song…tbh to die for xD

  12. tigrica545 says:

    song is to die for xD

  13. hate the song
    but love the movie

  14. What the HECK IS THIS?!?!!?

  15. lol^^

  16. Casshan66 says:

    wish this song would have made it into the film…at least it could have been funny!

    someone please make a good F4 movie!!!!!

  17. LadyDoom15 says:

    The song suits the video and the video suits the song.

  18. caligoshadow says:

    It makes me laugh alittle haha!

  19. eca : p


  20. haha Just like it should be… a wonder that they didn’t use that song in the actual movie

  21. angelinchains67 says:

    “Cartoon Heroes”, by Aqua!

  22. jaaackal says:

    what is the name of the song?

  23. invisiblegirl101 says:

    i love it so cool (where did you get those clips)

  24. Ethis100 says:

    gd vid but the music does not suit it but gd vid tho : )

  25. KoRnDuDe1988 says:

    you used AQUA???? you’re freaking insane
    no offence

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