Jun 5, 2012

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

  1. wowasia2555 says:

    She’s look likes her dad so much and she’s very beautiful and so cute together 2 in 1 perfect woman alive.

  2. GuyBayArea1 says:

    jessica alba is so cute, both her looks and personality

  3. DanTheMan33088 says:


  4. claire199356 says:


  5. iluvpwnys says:

    i love her

  6. Taelaspwnz says:

    Poor alba’s brother he can only dream

  7. Taelaspwnz says:

    Jimmy: Wait a minute I would think that you would no better than I would.
    Jessica: 0.0
    Dont lie jessica…

  8. Taelaspwnz says:

    @hallrock12  lol!

  9. timejamie says:

    she can come to my home evnyday

  10. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    she is skinny as fuck, gross!

  11. MattyRds95 says:

    Please check out my song about Jessica Alba.. If you do i am very thank full, and you are all amazing 🙂

  12. Wasja555 says:

    @musicmaniacx9 or a good actress! ;D hahaha

  13. chilllmilll says:

    people who are pretty, sexy, cute, and have a great personality are the real beauties like her.

  14. haha im not supprised she won she is effen beautiful

  15. skylover998 says:

    we love u jessica alba

  16. DanTheMan33088 says:

    Man, I love her (literally, I am in love with her). I think she’s a great actress. It pisses me off to see all these movie critics constantly criticizing her acting, and yet that extremely untalented bitch Megan Fox never gets any of that, and for some reason, Jessica just keeps on getting more and more Razzie awards for things like “Worst Actress” or “Worst Supporting Actress”. And for WHAT?! She’s a great actress!

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  18. jaja1818 says:

    i thought i was dreaming 6:00..and everything was a nightmare..but..its real =(

  19. TheGrayemotion says:

    i love u jess!!!

  20. dashtyyyy says:

    wow ,,, I melted down at 6:00

  21. loveelycherry says:

    Forever alone.

  22. veyblu7 says:

    I feel your pain bro.

  23. lightsplease2 says:

    you could tell that jimmy kimmel wanted to fuck her during this entire interview

  24. sockamofo says:

    She is absolutely beautiful. id kill for her. im so fucking lonely

  25. 111narm says:

    lol jimmy totally forgot that she had a movie out!

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