Jun 2, 2012

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Jessica Alba Cuts a Nude Figure With ‘Machete’

Jessica Alba Cuts a Nude Figure With ‘Machete’

Director Robert Rodriguez and actor Danny Trejo talk about their new film ‘Machete,’ while stars Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez reveal the naked truth about nudity on film. (Aug. 24)
Video Rating: four / five

  1. skshield3 says:

    I gave your comment a thumbs down cuz it would have been better if you were wrong! 😉

  2. skshield3 says:

    now that cgi can realistically paint out an actor’s clothing, do we even need actors for movies? cgi jessica and cgi michelle can be young forever!

  3. asdfqwervd says:

    really? I was about to go rent it. It looks crazy.

  4. warhead1254 says:

    Wasn’t a good movie at all

  5. gokharol says:

    HAHA I thought just the same as the comment below mine! Plz go naked tomorrow (*_*)

  6. TheDarkness136 says:


  7. simen30 says:

    shure u aint ma old man so shut da fuck man

  8. lrod132 says:

    jessica alba+Michelle Rodriguez=Perfection

  9. DJutubinator1221 says:

    its because your 13

  10. allenkvmusic says:

    did you know that Michelle Rodriguez (Luz) has A.D.D its a true fact about her

  11. acer1098 says:

    she wasnt naked

  12. acer1098 says:

    she wasnt naked

  13. simen30 says:

    im just 13 but i still got a bonner when she was naked

  14. repete07 says:

    This movie is a shocker , the first 10min u will want to turn it off

  15. Dadanx3 says:

    yes its very good we download it but at the first i saw a girl she was naked and uncesored!

  16. latinasdoitbetter1 says:

    well she didnt want to be called latina because she is bi racial. and who says bi racial people cant be in movies? damn you are a racist

  17. latinasdoitbetter1 says:

    its similar to mexican-americans in california who didnt know what cinco de mayo even means in mexico, but as soon as they found out a few people were against celebrating it in the US they suddenly became proud of the holiday

  18. HiGHDeFiNiTioN503 says:

    @Yvesyew That’s so true!

  19. Yvesyew says:

    Jessica Alba is so cute >< she can kill a man with her eyes,

  20. paulsimage says:

    Wow, CGI nudes. I can dig that. However, it makes Jessica Alba’s conviction not to be nude in film seem like bs. Why feel that way yet you think it’s okay to be damn near nude so some one can digitally paint you nude. Still giving us the privates, Gorgeous.

  21. TwistedEdgeFighting says:

    Machete is an awesome movie I don’t care what anyone says… Like they say in this preview it’s INDEPENDENT, it’s not Hollywood influenced like every single film out there today.

  22. JAD3889 says:

    machete? are you kidding me? this movie was great!

  23. philosoma9 says:

    worst movie of the year?

  24. Cesaraps1 says:

    Alot of people covered up their Tattoo… SMH

  25. You know what’s funny about Jessica Alba? her spanish (at least in this movie) sucks! Steven Seagal’s spanish is way better than hers, thats my opinion

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