Jun 12, 2012

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Jessica Alba’s Inauguration Trip on ibeatyou

Jessica Alba’s Inauguration Trip on ibeatyou

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  1. Androsstudio says:

    hello jessica it’s seems you take a lot of drugs.What u take extasy?

  2. shakiraeyes says:

    i love you jessica you so sweet Omg 3

  3. MrCmon113 says:

    …. Sorry but I couldn’t find out on which comment of mine you were answering. So I don’t really understand what you allude to regretfully.

  4. Certainly more of a man than you.

  5. MrCmon113 says:

    Why should we?

  6. MrCmon113 says:

    I dunno what your gender is…

  7. glutamin111 says:

    she really does look lovely even with no makeup

  8. TheeMonkeyGirl says:

    wow she looks like an innocent girl or a woman angel O_O

  9. Wow all the presidential hype back then…and now we have OWS..crazy times!

  10. al0everagirl says:

    I don’t think she’s pretty

  11. drgaylord88 says:

    I have had you as my screensaver for three years now, don’t get tired =D

  12. TheAngryAmericanwon says:

    I think we all do.. but she is too good for you

  13. 19Totti92 says:

    you are stupid -.-

  14. shoppinmadnesz22 says:

    she looks like Katie Holmes there
    No, scratch that
    Katie Holmes looks like HER there!

  15. wtf

  16. ItsDefOver9000 says:

    @jaimesIV LMAO!

  17. namkhanhkt1 says:

    no comment
    i want meet j a. but cannot
    simply is no money hahahahahah

  18. namkhanhkt1 says:

    no comment
    i want meet j a. but cannot

  19. namkhanhkt1 says:

    no comment

  20. rob7472001 says:


  21. 2006kmfdm says:

    She’s still looks nice without her makeup. I wish I could tell her that in person.

  22. TheJolie177 says:

    you know whatgaysexfag wtaeva the fuck yo name is wtf is ur problem? faggot azz i should woop yo ass where the fuck u live at yo

  23. LOLGIRLMG says:

    haha my dads in this video!:)

  24. akihiro0522 says:


  25. Muraz72 says:

    05:28 lol wtf?

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