Jun 13, 2012

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Perfect Wedding – Bridal Make-Up

Perfect Wedding – Bridal Make-Up

Perfect Wedding - Bridal Make-Up

If you don’t want to devote all the income to employ a make-up artist on your wedding day…I’ll show you my most requested wedding day (bridal) make-up appear…. www.kandeethemakeupartist.weblog… FACEBOOK me www.facebook.com myspace as well: www.myspace.com TWITTERETTE: www.twitter.com You can get the DINAIR make-up here: www.airbrushmakeup.pro
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  1. ReichLeben says:

    thats unreal i want one lol… check out my vids, thanks

  2. BodyCandyTV says:

    I would REALLY appreciate any support on my channel. Im not just looking for a subscribers but to make friends as well&have fun. Please check out my videos..theres much more to come! Also I will be doing a sigma brush and naked palette2 GIVEAWAY when I get to 1000 subscribers.

    Ps) I’ve been a makeup artist for a few years now so if there’s any questions you have or requests let me know. I will do a video response or tutorial for you.

    Much love, and thank you :)x

    Nicole x

  3. amberellam says:

    Kandee! I am getting married in December of 2014 and my colors are purple black and sliver. The theme for our wedding is a deep purple Tim Burton romantic look. My wedding dress is white with either a black or purple sash! I need help with my makeup! I don’t want it to be too light, I want to bring some of the dark romance feel to my face. Please please help me!!!

    Amber Renee!!

  4. MsCupcakeGames says:

    Can you please tell me in detail what the larenim makeup is called?

  5. TheAndalusMine says:

    dinar, she have link below the video

  6. MeggieANesbitt says:

    What Air Brush Foundation Is This?

  7. autumn nguyen says:

    i have a question please answer lol i would appreciate it. If you can, do you have ways for my lower eye lashes to actually spread outward beacuse everytime i put mascara on them it sways to the side and i have almond eyes i guess and it just looks so weird and its frustrating ): please and thank you

  8. xXxRuBy2XxX says:

    this was very beautiful. i have very very oily eye lids. every time i use eyeshadow it creases within 5 mins. I’ve tried urban decay primer potion and nyx but both didnt work. i dont want to spend so much money on a product and have it not work out for me. do you have any recommendations?

  9. vperez5674 says:

    what shade of DINAIR did you use?

  10. heidiwilkes1 says:

    sigh….wish I could afford Mac and Urban Decay, St, Tropez, etc… so, for us people who cannot afford name brand, will ”
    knock offs” work?

  11. ChellasGramer says:

    uban decay and mac

  12. 12rockwater says:

    it is not a good idea to sleep in your make up & you know that as make up artist.

  13. Lilypuppy123 says:

    I love this look!! Its SOOOO pretty!! <3

  14. MiR13HC says:

    What make up is it again?

  15. cuteygirltime says:

    you remind me of kim kardashian 0.0

  16. You’re so beautiful Kandee I love you! <3

  17. SkinnySexyBride says:

    Excellent video, great tips for brides! Thanks for creating this…

  18. Amandarling8 says:

    I’ve watched this video so many times! I just love it and your so cute 🙂

  19. nooraismail83 says:

    you look beautiful  everyday

  20. nataliaagu says:

    Great tips thank you!!!

  21. 01dhillon01 says:

    You seem like such a lovely sweet person! and not to mention beautiful! brilliant video

  22. turmoil1982 says:

    Is there ANY way you know of how to color match? I want to use dinar but I have no idea what color to buy.

  23. DiddlinaMusic says:

    where did you buy the dinary makeup thing?

  24. jenbby03 says:

    Beautiful look! Can u plz do my wedding makeup? And I’m serious 🙂

  25. newcandhvideos1234 says:

    Hi I know that not many people will read this but anyway here goes….
    I am an 11 year old girl from a small town but I have big ambitions. I know that sounds REALLY cheesy but it’s true hehe!
    It would make my day of someone would just pop on my channel and have a quick look at some of my videos!
    I am different from most 11 year old girls and I don’t try to hide it!
    Thank you for reading this, it means a lot!
    Bye bye :0)

  26. Ivan57324 says:

    I think so too!

  27. tapolna says:

    So beautiful … but oh the stupidity and arrogance of Westerners when they meet people of other cultures and different values … Westerners are so imbued, so engulfed in Christian values … while claiming, even to this day, political objectivity

  28. Ivan57324 says:

    Don’t be so rude in my videos! Otherwise I will remove your comment!

  29. elendiel0101 says:

    A 22 y old Jessica Alba!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I’ll have to put my penis on a wheelchair….

  30. cynner13 says:

    He is soo hot!

  31. Anonymousplayer says:


  32. Ivan57324 says:

    31:21 cool moment

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