Jun 24, 2012

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Sexiest, Most Beautiful Model

Sexiest, Most Beautiful Model

I feel I’m going blind, despite the fact that they say that is caused by as well much…so, maybe I am not!

I’ve been by way of my copy of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Females in the planet 2007 (usually a firm favourite) but some thing is horribly wrong!

From that initial picture of Jessica Alba seeking like a much less appealing version of Ursula Andrews to Hayden Panettiere at No 6 whoever she is. What about Emily Scott at No 9 whose only claim to fame was showing off her implants on Celebrity Really like Island…not that I’m complaining of course!

It was when I saw a complete page spread of the girlfriend of Tottenham Hotspur’s Theo Wolcott in at number 96 that I realised that the world had gone mad!

Could it be some underhand Blairesque sort ‘babe’ corruption scandal that’s going on? Is Max Clifford paying FHM to place in D list celebrities? Or perhaps they utilised a premium rate £1.50 a minute phone line to select the winners. One thing is not very correct!

So why is my magazine already falling apart at the seams and where are the missing beauties?

Jamelia, Tina O’Brien and that Sammy girl who went out with Charlie, Roxanne Pallett from Emmerdale (classic Television), Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Nigella Lawson (is not she beautiful), Kirsty Gallagher, the girlfriend of Roman Abramovitch (say no far more!), Cat Deeley, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz…uh oh!…I am feeling faint!

There are loads much more apparent beauties missing – for instance, where am I? Ok, so I am a guy but I am nevertheless damn gorgeous…and no, I’ve not had implants, whatever my Doctor says, entirely ‘au naturel’ – apart from a touch of Lipo! Can somebody assist me as my minds going fuzzy with all these lovely females running by way of it?

My question is: Have FHM entirely skimped on Jessica Alba’s bikini budget? I consider she would have looked much sexier in this…but then, so would I!

At least the FHM voters have not entirely lost the plot, the day that happens will be the day that Kelly Brooks and Keeley don’t even make it in the Top 10.

Have your say! Do you agree with FHM? Is Jessica Alba the sexiest woman in the world? Vote here! (appear for Mio Destino Poll at bottom left corner of webpage)

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