Jun 25, 2012

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Top 12 Mexican Hotties of 2011

Top 12 Mexican Hotties of 2011

www.elclandelanostalgia.blogspot.com Pleased Cinco de Mayo! Although Americans nationwide throw back margaritas to demonstrate our adore of tequila binges our neighbor to the South, we take a moment to celebrate Mexican/Mexican-American celebs of the muy caliente selection. 12. Jessica Alba Although she’s posed on also a lot of Maxim covers to count, we’re keeping this sexy blockbuster-baiting Latina toward the bottom of the list provided that only her father’s side of the family is Mexican and her perma-pout is not terribly festive. 11. Ana de la Reguera This petite senorita was just too attractive to be contained in telenovelas. As an alternative, she’s created a niche playing the saucy Latina opposite oafish characters (Jack Black, Tracy Morgan, and so on.). Hollywood seems to like to balance those goofballs with exotic sexpots (weird). ten. Sara Ramirez Between her sassy character on “Grey’s Anatomy” and these take-no-prisoners eyebrows, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Throw in a connection with a hot blond girl on “Grey’s” and boom: that is prime-time sex appeal. 9. Paulina Rubio She’s got the Shakira hairstyle (and moves) with that further Mexican spice. And genuinely, her early ’00s album “Border Girl” gave us pause about any stringent immigration policy. 8. Mario Lopez Amongst his dimples, his torso and our undying nostalgia for the ’90s, we are often up to watch “Further!” for a little Mario man candy. 7. Selena Gomez She’s got all the Disney darling bankability without having all that Miley mayhem. And while
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  1. xstrawberrybunnyx says:

    Top 5 2012 hotties
    1.)Ana Brenda Contreras
    2.) David Zepeda
    3.) Angelique Boyer
    4.)William Levy
    5.) Mar Contreras

  2. maryyyy84 says:

    ummm sweetiee yes they are sfhb!!!!!

  3. SouthParkCows88 says:

    Not all are mex and Selena Wtf?????

  4. asassinnate says:

    Dude jessica albashould be #3 orsomething not number 12

  5. XD1Julio says:

    @blackwhore15 all of them are Mexican yu idiot !!! Clearly havent seen real mexicans ignorant ass

  6. blackwhore15 says:

    about 90% of da ppl r not mexican

  7. CiaraLeahluvsMariah says:

    Ok list there is way hotter Mexican singers n actress that u could have put! I agree with Paulina, Salma, n Thalia. Use ninel conde, n there’s a gang of girls from novelas that are hot! Ximena jiminez miss universe etc

  8. jafabela says:

    Number 1. Is fine as fuck

  9. Menkkapotilas says:

    Hmm…hmm.. They don’t really suit my taste. Number one was OK tho.

  10. janellemachete says:

    shes half mexican and half caucasian!!!!

  11. siankann says:

    Que mamadas!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. METALLLL88 says:

    hmm selena gomez mexican. confused

  13. ripabigone100 says:

    Jessica alba is #1

  14. SpAnKeR9876 says:

    nah Sara Ramirez should be like 3 with a dif pic

  15. onassyq8 says:

    Ana de la Reguera the best

  16. lexi2010ful says:

    selena gomez number 1 we all no she is go selena.

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