Jul 20, 2012

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CNN Heroes 2011 – Everyday People Changing the World – Special Reports from CNN.mp4

CNN Heroes 2011 – Everyday People Changing the World – Special Reports from CNN.mp4

cnn heroes 2011 anurada koirala anuradha

The Eye (Gin Gwai 2002) Scary as Hell Elevator Scene – Twitter @inlucidity
Video Rating: four / five

  1. vivekk aryal says:

    now the train has 15 people

  2. Cyah100 says:


  3. Nilu Padma says:

    I don’t know to express but i will save the suffering humanity … its my pledge from today….

  4. iam2487 says:

    this lady uses “madhisay” word at 3:57 and she i humiliating the people living in the teria region in NEPAL when such so called hero(i do agree he is hero in what she did) disparage the people living in certain region …i think she mush work harder to be more human…….
    I am madhesi NEPALI

  5. hairlessdoves says:

    This beats the mtv awards by a landslide.

  6. santoshdc123 says:

    Tear on my eyes

  7. mare1606 says:

    Anuradha! genia, hermoso video!, no entiendo mucho todo lo que dicen, pero hay que parar con el tráfico de mujeres y levantar su autoestima ! bravísima !

  8. hystria1 says:

    what you see in this documentary is the human side. however, don’t forget, the dark side also continues to exist as long as the governments don’t take action. this kind of public actions by public personalities might well be the only chance.

  9. anna47651 says:

    i salute our hero anurahda koirala… feeling proud to be nepali

  10. nepalihercules says:

    they just rape them.

  11. anuradha513 says:

    why do people say ”grow some balls” ? Balls are sensitive and weak. if you really wanna get though, grow a Vagina! Those take a pounding! and if men think tht they have all the rights over a woman then they must check their facts properly, if we can bring men in this world, sure we can take them all out … 🙂

  12. anuradha513 says:

    i m no one to change ur thoughts but if selling sex for ur living is wat u can opt 4 a living then let me tell u one more thing…. the day u get HIV aids all tht money 4 a living will turn into waste u speak today because u are not standing where those girls are standing ! remember growing balls make no sense..because they are sensitive and weak try growing a vagina and u ll realise what it takes to grow it. No condom prevents pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 100% of the time

  13. handymanblack says:

    i salute her

  14. SuperSangyal says:

    YOu are the STUPIDEST person ever born in the world to post comment like this when people are trying to save humanity. The people having dump and evil born mind like yours are the ones behind this sins. YOU SHOULD BETTER KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE STUPIDEST AND DUMB ASS EVER. YOU certainly deserve slaps of those trafficked girls.

  15. SuperSangyal says:

    I mean at this age.

  16. SuperSangyal says:

    Proud to be Nepali and see the initiative of Anuradha Koirala. I always watch this video whenever I am hopeless. It gives me courage in a way and another. Living abroad hasnt change my mind and Nepali practices. I always feel I should do something for my country but at this as a student I cant really do anything but I will always remember heroes of Nepal and support them. GO Anuradha.

  17. Manoj Gurung says:

    who dislike tell them to go hell and never comeback in earth forever……………

  18. Manoj Gurung says:

    that a good for us

  19. Chocolateovermyface says:

    you do realize that these are children who are forced to have sex with dirty men and are constantly raped everyday of their lives for years? Do you want to be beaten up and electrocuted, HIV positive? Do you want to have broken limbs? Maybe you do, but those girls don’t and what anuradha is doing is very heroic and brave. She saved them and gave them a better environment to live in. Those girls have lost their families, childhood and innocence. They did not deserve that. And now they can live.

  20. Manoj Gurung says:

    human trafficking is really fake for everyone who had

  21. MrMapani says:

    this is what called beautiness that lies behind da inner core of the heart!!! she is another name for god.. god bless u ANURADHA KOIRALA.. JAI NEPAL!!

  22. masterblaster714 says:

    u sick pervert grow the fuck up .

  23. masterblaster714 says:

    proud to be nepali.

  24. talkindurinthemovie says:


  25. dragoon2784 says:

    your weak dude

  26. coasteroli4 says:

    This is the slowest elevator i’ve ever seen…

  27. 99domini99 says:

    What’s wrong with the mans eye?

  28. pilpoilplante says:

    What is so scary is the anticipation. In american movies, you’re used to scream because it’s disgusting or startling. But here, you never know everything, it’s just so long and mysterious..

  29. Thehifel says:

    i dont see what’s so scary about this scene

  30. aysteria4ever says:

    Classic ! I remember I didn’t dare took elevators alone for few weeks after this

  31. April101999 says:

    This sucks I’m on my phone and I can’t scroll down DANGIT and this is freaky

  32. pingpongpons says:

    failed attempt to rape

  33. magiccasements says:

    That’s why the industry has gone to Rating Systems. 9 year olds shouldn’t watch this.

  34. Franco Rouss says:

    mierda, la primera vez que vi esta pelicula me cague de miedo xD

  35. Kura Mura says:

    I came to win to fly, to comquer to fly…..

  36. FancySir says:

    Alright, thanks. :>

  37. Grannymuncher says:

    I watched this movie when i was 9, i was terrified for weeks 🙁

  38. terukosu says:

    well, this scene is more like boo effect. She was sitting on a chair when ghostly like woman appeared and asked “Why are you sitting in my chair?” and then there were a boo scene. I’m not telling you the whole scene just in case if you are going to watch it.

  39. FancySir says:

    Could I ask what the “You are sitting in my chair” scene is? I’d like to watch it… If it’s from this movie, well, I’ve never actually watched this movie, so I wouldn’t know.

  40. OddBodd0815 says:

    Asians do best horrormovies
    And best commercials lol

  41. LasergunExtreme says:

    LOL Looks like my Grampa!!

  42. wasted42db says:

    silly grandpa always scaring women on the elovator with his missing eye

  43. ilovelani69 says:

    That sound was too loud!

  44. deathendz says:

    i found the you are sitting in my chair scene funny :P

  45. Scroll up pussy!

  46. kmpikimi says:

    Why wouldn’t she just take off at a lower floor..

  47. Mengers69 says:

    Y was he doing tht?

  48. HappyAutopsy says:

    its a ghost so you can kick the air:Dbut he probaly gave u surprise buttsex:D

  49. TheCoolperson1996 says:

    I would probably kick that creepy zombie guy hard, then I would run out the doors.

  50. meomeowwww says:

    i won’t be riding on an elevator anytime soon. D:

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