Jul 16, 2012

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EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba Arrives at LAX, Prepares to Jet Out

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba Arrives at LAX, Prepares to Jet Out

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba, along with her man, Cash Warren, and baby, Honor, arrive at LAX to jet off somewhere for New Year’s. “I’ve learned to forgive myself for not being ideal and not stressing myself. I have had a reputation for being fiercely protective of my independence. My daughter has put every little thing in viewpoint for me. You cease being selfish and driven in such a narrow private sense, and you want to create a life for your self and your household,” says the 29-year-old Sin City actress claims. “I tended to be a workaholic in the past and now I do not feel that sort of self-imposed anxiety anymore.”

  1. amyyyamy says:

    I think they wait at their houses all the time

  2. how do you know when to expect stars anywhere????
    but pap at the airport truly takes the cake

  3. IMKINDASHY611 says:

    so then why are you watching this video idiot. you are supporting the paparazzi by watching this

  4. MitchMartin04 says:

    Leave these people alone, how would you like it if tons of idiots followed you and your family around asking you stupid questions all the time?

  5. SuperHD3 says:

    why cant they just leave them alone there normal people with talent?

  6. BlackBarbieMekaBoo says:

    She gets out the car looking perfect, like whoa. lol

  7. ze1nikO says:


  8. ilmafungirl476 says:

    gorgeous :D


    Nice footage 😀

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