Jul 1, 2012

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How to look like JESSICA ALBA ‘A Make-up Transformation’

How to look like JESSICA ALBA ‘A Make-up Transformation’

Thanks for all the requests. Jessica Alba is such a All-natural Beauty !!! This was a excellent Challenge for me due to the fact I have such Strong Features so I had to really soften them down to appear like Her. My Facebook Fanpage : www.facebook.com Twitter : twitter.com Music : Seemingly Sleep By : The Late Night Alumni Merchandise Employed : Beige Liquid Foundation : Lancome Miracle Idole Concealer Palette : Make-up Forever Powder Foundation : Cargo HD Blu Ray Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil : Rimmel London Contour Shadow set : Prettyandcute.com Black Gel Liner : Bobby Brown White Eyeliner : Lancome ‘Blanc’ Fake Lashes Set : Prettyandcute.com Blush : The Balm ‘Bahama Mama’ Lips : Revlon Color stay lipliner ‘Wine’ Lipgloss : ‘Drama Queen’ Prettyandcute.com Wig : Paramount Wig store Let me know which Celeb looks you want me to do 😀
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  1. zeina hamade says:

    OMG (O.O)

  2. jazzydavidsonxo says:

    oh my god, this is insane haha, wow.

  3. meowbabymeow says:


  4. TheSimpleclaudia says:

    You’re absolutely beautiful! Can you make a KRISTEN STEWART look please? Thank you :)

  5. Tiffacheez says:

    You are such a beautiful girl, with or without makeup and you’re one amazing makeup artist!

  6. jadechan56 says:

    i love michelle more

  7. freedom1476 says:

    This girl should join YOMYOMF and meet Jessica Alba.

  8. danielmenaventura says:


  9. Shelleyyay says:

    That is amaaazing

  10. SmilingAlot says:

    I had to do a double-take when I saw the video snapshot. I thought it was Jessica!

  11. You should walk like that in the street just to see how people would react.

  12. 23HugsNKisses says:

    whoa i didnt even know about that.
    i just googled it, unbelieveable

  13. fcukingblahh says:

    omg wtf mind blown

  14. WOW! That’s insane. You are super talented. Thanks for posting this.

  15. idavisje1 says:


  16. EyeLuvMe143 says:

    Wow!!! Great Job! Super talented!

  17. dreamer13htown says:

    That concealer looks a bit too ashy grey

  18. pikafitz says:

    you should do a transformation into avatar korra 🙂

  19. annyg21 says:

    Kim k

  20. bigdada18 says:

    you look like jessica :O 😀 wow

  21. allexax3 says:

    omg you look like jessica :O

  22. JORDAN OMEGA says:

    go into a shop and ask for free food xD

  23. Ruby Jaime says:

    Did you go to school to learn how to do this kind of makeup?

  24. missemree says:


  25. concravanti says:

    ” underneath your ICE ” killed me. It should be EYES, right?

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