Jul 20, 2012

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Hugh Dancy interview – BBC America

Hugh Dancy interview – BBC America

Tom Brook interviews Hugh Dancy and discusses his career as an actor and what the future could hold.

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  1. ely35520 says:

    he’s so attractiveeeee -.-

  2. AlexRoshanStewart says:


  3. O3SuNsHiN3O says:

    jessica alba got to; lol lucky girl.

  4. fuck me…fuck me raw!

  5. whaizthah says:

    Hugh Dancy and James Scott = hottest guys ever to board a plane from england to the U.S.A

  6. yarden4080 says:

    h’es the sexiest british ever!!

  7. lolokatinka says:

    your right,if thats true im call my son hugh (when and if i get one)

  8. cuchinafrankie says:

    I want to make love to his entire body.

  9. Lo amooo..!!!! (L)

  10. luckyactress69 says:

    is it me, or are ALL Hugh’s sexy?

  11. RottenMango1 says:


  12. Izahfifi says:

    i love both Hugh jackman & Hugh Dancy…

  13. MultiFilmbuff says:

    nice eyes that’s about it
    huge ears and a huge jaw

  14. nNoelia says:

    HIS hair are not sexy here!!!

  15. sananthonym says:


  16. jessluvengaz says:

    he is so cute love him

  17. alisonlevy2008 says:

    He is so incredibly gorgeous!
    I want him!

  18. GrlLeastLikelyTo says:

    That interviewer is a dink though.

  19. GrlLeastLikelyTo says:


  20. nsmiller711 says:

    sexiest person alive

  21. ironick5 says:

    i like him with claire danes.. they look so in love together ..

  22. neonblack33 says:

    hugh dancy is HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i know i am so excited too !! i am going crzy waiting!

  24. pcnumpty says:

    hugh dancy was in my class at school!!!!!

  25. anianguyen says:

    he’s got talent he’s fantastic actor! i saw evening, good job

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