Jul 31, 2012

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Inside Story on “Machete” – Mexican Exploitation?

In no way have I observed such a movie that stirred up such controversy as “Machete,” and but it probably won’t make a dime at the box workplace. It all started when a movie named “Grindhouse” came out in 2007, and opened with a mock trailer named “Machete.” Robert Rodriquez, the director, got a lot of excellent feedback, then got the go-ahead money and decided to make a “true” film out of it.

Now right here come the difficulties. Very first, World wide web and journalist Alex Jones (of infowars.com, prisonplanet.com fame) swears this film might start a race war–specifically in Arizona with its new immigrant law. I respect Mr. Jones very much, as he is generally primarily on point, even if I disagree. But years ago, yet another film was stated to commence a race war called “Do the Right Thing” in 1989, directed by Spike Lee, and practically nothing happened, it just created income.

Second, Lindsay Lohan, the talented actress with a drug problem, shocks as a single of the stars in the film, exactly where she is shown dressed as a nun and makes use of a gun!!! In a single poster she is licking a gun still dressed as a nun!! Third, the much more radical “Cinco de Mayo” trailer for the film got Mr. Jones even madder, and he even read the leaked script on his show to prove Rodriquez is provoking a race war controversy. This mix of excess hype and (literal) raciness suggests “Machete” can not be taken also seriously, and may possibly even go on to attain camp film status.

The a lot of other stars in the movie aren’t even being discussed, including fantastic actor Robert DeNiro (!), attractive actresses Michelle Rodriquez, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal as a Mexican drug lord, and the star itself, Danny Trejo as Machete. Rodriquez claims he toned down the racial stuff, but we have to wait and see exactly where it comes to theaters, September 3, 2010. I think it is just a very good action exploitation film, but other individuals see it as some thing Significantly worse. The director mentioned if it makes cash there may possibly be a sequel–and if it does happen, I hope so.

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