Jul 5, 2012

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Jessica Alba at 2012 PLUSH Event ARRIVALS – Maximo TV Red Carpet Video

Jessica Alba at 2012 PLUSH Event ARRIVALS – Maximo TV Red Carpet Video

Subscribe bit.ly 2012 PLUSH Occasion PLAYLIST www.youtube.com www.maximotv.com MACHETE Jessica Alba at 2012 PLUSH Occasion Red Carpet Arrivals at Vibiana in Los Angeles, Ca USA June 10, 2012 PLUSH is Los Angeles Premier Luxury Infant And Toddler Show in partnership with Jessica Alba and The Truthful Company PLUSH is a infant and toddler merchandise and party arranging services show tailored to the all the posh, contemporary & eco-conscience parents in LA, who are often setting the next big trend. PLUSH parents inevitably discover the subsequent fantastic factor for their babies and toddlers, and are the ones constantly asked, “Where did you get that?” PLUSH exhibitors are always on the cutting edge of innovation, green living, and style. PLUSH strives to give businesses and consumers with opportunities to begin the ultimate ripple effect! ***Thisfootage is accessible for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by site guests is only permissible for individual use copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for a lot more data at maximotv.com for proper clearance. ©Ricomix Productions – maximotv.com – Maximo Tv SHOT in HD – All our red carpet video clips are uploaded right here unedited – Broll, Soundbytes, Interviews. If you like to license any video clip, please speak to us. You will get the very same video clip BUT in HD and with out logo. You can NOT download any video from our youtube channel and use it without having suitable clearance. Maximo
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Jimmy Kimmel Live – The third component of Jimmy’s interview with Jessica Alba

  1. Jimmy Rustler says:

    lol jimmys a dick

  2. MrShahin717 says:

    She didn’t like it, when he said: “Our baby”

  3. TheMrFish23 says:

    part two ?

  4. nachocheese154 says:


  5. Imagine her being your mom!!?!!

  6. The11qqaass says:

    B E A utiful

  7. sconnection says:

    Wow, normally she is so hot. But now that here face is a little fuller (because of the pregnancy) she is like. 10x hotter. Jessica Alba > Chuck Norris > God > The rest of the world

  8. HootyInWonderLand says:

    Robert Rodriquez makes the worrsstt movies everrr

  9. Oh man she is the perfect woman

  10. berkev8795 says:

    o.O . . . . .

  11. TheCinMUSIC96 says:

    That movie looks incredibly weird and strange and just sooo….awkward

  12. leedoyeon says:

    Well I would love to smell her

  13. super0star0material says:

    Oh my god I thought that clip was a joke! That’s really the movie?

  14. SuperDelta000 says:

    She’s very sensitive.. very sweet. I like her.

  15. MrsNemo27 says:

    It was actually a pretty cool movie <3

  16. PrincessCarly22 says:

    shes such a sweetheart!

  17. careerofbeingblue says:

    It’s a movie for kids, so yeah that clip it isnt 100% serious.

  18. sweetgirly64 says:

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  19. Hfajardo97 says:

    She does do better things but its not like you can do much when you are this far in a pregnancy.

  20. TheWWEfan995 says:


  21. MrsDuhamel says:

    This movie looks dumb. But i love Jessica!!

  22. DIVA01x says:


    it’s the birthing class (first link on right)

  23. motosikletto says:

    that scene is soo sool!

  24. wtamike says:

    turk needs a boyfriend, i want real one thats exactly lil i said so. half off people half off

  25. virjog95 says:

    RIP Uncle Frank

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