Jul 2, 2012

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Jessica Alba at WARRIORS Game 4 vs UTAH JAZZ

Jessica Alba at WARRIORS Game 4 vs UTAH JAZZ

My baby Jessica Alba

Jimmy Kimmel Reside – The second portion of Jimmy’s interview with Jessica Alba, exactly where he goes to birthing class with her
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  1. AceStarMusic says:

    hahahahahahah thats hilarious ahh nigger
    get off the floor im talking to you

  2. sonom777 says:

    hahahahaha dumb ass

  3. agsmallticket says:

    who is that lady? That guy is a dumbass.
    LETS GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!
    Fuck the spurs and jazz

  4. PrettyBoyx69x says:


  5. killerblazer459 says:

    I am so glad she was at game 4. That means that she saw the Warriors get their ass kicked. GO JAZZ!!!

  6. ravagetime says:

    She’s a babe! She believes in the wrong team, though.

  7. lol

  8. Girlwholikescheese says:

    I cant help thinking that this is what it would be like If Barney and Robin had a child on how I met your mother

  9. yourbeauiful says:

    Haha you only need olive oil and an anus! Hahahahaha!

  10. chuckielong1 says:

    Lol the dude with the asian chick try so hard not to laugh lol

  11. Celtics9345207 says:

    lmfao is it cuz ur asian

  12. CrazyAndLazy23 says:

    hey guys lets like the hell out of this video.. until you cant see the dislike bar anymore

  13. 4HitsWilystyle says:

    lmao! Jimmy!

  14. originalblerd says:

    This is fucking hilarious.

  15. BlueS0829 says:

    hahaha, very nice.!!!

  16. kelpdiggumz1 says:

    the asian lady’s husband is trying so hard not to laugh. lmaooo! makes it even funnier

  17. CommanderPayne says:

    The husband of the Asian seems cool as shit.

  18. Myaccountbastards says:

    Because Asians are super smart

  19. spartan4613 says:

    @4:36 JESSICA ALBA SMASH!!!!!!!!!

  20. ellydo246 says:

    I did not get the joke, why is the asian part funny? thanks

  21. CharleeeeLove says:


  22. timetravellerist says:

    jessica hot

  23. tenzeniaful says:

    pippa middleton haha hillarious =D

  24. just516in says:

    MILF ( . )( . ) ALERT !!!!

  25. bobeyun says:

    i almost died laughing

  26. rightmid20 says:

    god jimmys such an ass but i love it lol

  27. RickySouthwell says:

    @lilac1397 Lol you only say that cus you know I’m right

  28. lilac1397 says:

    i’d like to see you give birth

  29. RickySouthwell says:

    Being pregnant and giving birth actually isn’t that bad it’s just the bitches who say it is for some reason just love to complain ans cry about it instead of getting up off of their lazy asses and look for away to make it easier.

  30. Nikoisacoolername says:

    ‘oh thats a bad neighborhood ‘

  31. xxFam3xx says:

    I think Jessica is still hot pregnant.

  32. MrTheHyperactive says:

    i`d burst into laughter

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