Jul 3, 2012

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Okay, so appropriate now I’m incredibly bored, so I thought I’d make a video. But I wasn’t sure what it should be about. So I’ve decided to talk about my old account and what I’m planning on doing with this a single. My old accounts name was JonasFan815, it was the finest account I’ve ever had on Youtube, until that day, LOL, anyway, let me tell you a tiny story. So yesterday (August 18, 2008) it got suspended for copyright problems. And I am not going to argue with it since almost all the videos I uploaded did not belong to me. So for this account, I’m not going to post anything that can get me in difficulty. I’ve decided for this account, I am just going to speak. When I am bored, I will make a new video, and in the description I will just talk about whatever’s going on in my life, and right now what’s going on is Youtube. Given that I can not make vlogs, simply because my mom wouldn’t let me and I have no camera, I’m going to do the closest thing I can. Just write about stuff. I’m confident a LOT of folks genuinely do not care what is going on in my life, and I don’t blame you. Most people possibly believe I have no life for undertaking this, and I have 1 factor to say to you, you’re right. I don’t actually have a life, I devote most of my free of charge time on the laptop or computer, primarily on Youtube. So I’m not gonna argue with you there. Anyway, my old account had nearly 200 videos uploaded, and four away from 1000 subscribers, I had more than 500 buddies and more than 700 comments on my page. I know most of those people only did that for the videos

  1. Manda8159 says:

    Yea, Well I’m sorry, but it’s pointless if they’ll just get deleted. I’m glad you liked them, but I just don’t want to have this account get deleted.

  2. blubbeliKate says:

    So you’re not going to upload the greatest hits again? Damn it, I really liked those…

  3. Manda8159 says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. OMG! Your pets are so adorable!

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