Jul 19, 2012

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Just Like Heaven Cover – by Belden

Just Like Heaven Cover – by Belden

Just Like Heaven Cover - by Belden

For iBYK =)

Sex And The City movie

Climax of the film. This is the portion exactly where Mr. Large propose Carrie in an appropriate way. I love it
Video Rating: 4 / five

  1. Good job Belle!

  2. msnikkisailor says:

    Thumbs up! Great cover! You should put some of videos on AntGiant.com This will give you some more spins on your videos and a chance at some cash if interested!! Anyways your pretty good so go check it out!!

  3. SEXePAGAN says:

    It sounds really nice *****

  4. SueBurg22 says:

    The Best One can do is Accept Each Others Flaws and All …
    and realize that!

  5. BeautifulDreamerK says:

    ***bergers (my bad!)

  6. BeautifulDreamerK says:

    Mark my words: Those Blue manolo shoes will be my “something blue” on my wedding day! This is coming from a single gal of years who’s dated a clingy aidan, tons of burgers but luckily no mr. big. Hopefully I’ll have someone better 🙂 A mix of steve and harry!

  7. torturedsinger says:

    wonderful penthouse…

  8. MsSamanti says:

    Have dvd sex and the city english edition can sell for 1,5 $

  9. BlondeBardie says:

    Remember that episode when Carrie gave Big a black eye?.
    Who knew Miss Carrie Bradshaw had such a wicked right hook?.

  10. dxmania95 says:

    i love Big’s face after he opens the door at the end its so funny i miss him and this show it was awesome

  11. sandyelisha says:

    what did Big whisper in Carrie’s ear? I cried! 

  12. RachTrinity says:

    they both were awful.. Carrie is not the perfect little thing either.

  13. xxnakajimaxx says:

    AW i really want to watch this… were i can watch this for free?

  14. metzita666 says:


  15. TheLovelySuzi says:

    I want this outfit and the shoes! xoxo

  16. TheLovelySuzi says:

    I love this scene…the penthouse, BIG, her outfit…the proposal… LIKE!!!!

  17. RachTrinity says:

    heart and head are always against each other.. always in all ways. It’s the reason you have love stories that tear you up.. and this one is not as atypical as one might think..

  18. RachTrinity says:

    our entire theater and I will never forget it cheered.. it was great.. and yes my Mr as passing me the tissue. LOL Great movie and so was the second it gets a bad rap but it was wonderful.. and a progression.. I just hope they leave this well enough alone..

  19. CRFreshPrince says:

    name of the song?

  20. sladjanasladja says:

    The best part!

  21. MrsIviKiwi says:


  22. MrsIviKiwi says:

    Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  23. ThatBearHasMoxie says:

    I actually cried in the theatre when I saw this scene. I was so happy for her. He was such a dickhead for getting cold feet. Ugh. Charlotte said it best, “I curse the day you were born!”

  24. alleycatfire says:

    Nope. Not buying it. At all. If this had been the one Big mistake Big had made, sure, forgive and forget. But given his tract record, that should have been the end. I liked SATC-it’s fun silliness. Still, I look forward to a real love story-one that doesn’t pit heart & head against each other.

  25. FridayEli says:

    Beautiful scene

  26. nallitabb says:

    Amo a Sarah Jessica pero la verdad es que tiene cara de caballo.

  27. diretdisco says:

    super movie. i realy realy love this sense.

  28. diretdisco says:

    ya best sense i ever seen. i love it so much….

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