Jul 27, 2012

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Machete Premiere with Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo

Machete Premiere with Jessica Alba and Danny Trejo

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  1. isdfgbsdf says:

    Is it true that stink twat got herpes from Derek Jeter?

  2. lrcdert2010 says:

    No,not Nolan

  3. caragio says:

    1:24 Christopher Nolan?

  4. bumblebee1353 says:

    uncle danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haven’t seen him since the night of the premiere

  5. TheNoodle97 says:

    no, thats not him

  6. iforgotwtfitwas1 says:


  7. LordMalice6d9 says:

    What the fuck is Jessica wearing??

  8. rpadillav says:

    RR always keep his friends around for his movies but I think Danny is his favorite. I kind of like that family feeling it gives to his movies… like the times of the Rat Pack. Always the same guys having fun doing movies. Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Steve Buschemi and ALWAYS Danny Trejo like the glue that binds them all together.

  9. rpadillav says:

    Jaja! Good one! Dany Trejo’s character in Spy Kids was “Uncle Machete”, but nope, they recycled the name for this one, but not the whole character and yes, Alba is doing SK4 as far as I know.

  10. isn’t alba doin spy kids?

  11. Orangeflava says:

    haha i thought it was him too!

  12. necrosigma says:

    lol nope, it was inspired by the fake trailer in Grind House by Tarantino and Rodriguez

  13. Vampirategirl says:

    …Is this a Spy Kids spin off?

  14. 4d4jooz says:

    Looks interesting.

  15. TheBenjiable says:

    Chris Nolan is watching your Robert. Run… RUUUUNNNN!!!!! 1:22 Could be just a total look-a-like, or maybe it is really him idk. Movie looks awesome though.

  16. cocoturgy2 says:

    Jessica! 😀

  17. look jessica alba that fake latina that cant speak spanish lol

  18. stephanie simmons is hot

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