Jul 25, 2012

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Pixiwoo create Jessica Alba’s look

Pixiwoo create Jessica Alba’s look

Make-up gurus Pixiwoo have created Jessica Alba’s look specifically for you. See how it’s done and what make-up products to use. In this video Pixiwoo use Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector and Excellent Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation. avonshop.co.uk avonshop.co.uk
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  1. In Mexico, and in my opinion AVON fondation sucks, and the concelears and correctors suck too. Are the must horrible fundation i never use :/

  2. channingtatummm says:

    The brush used for foundation was Sam Chapmans real techniques stippling brush.

  3. MsKeebe says:

    Really lovely eyes! In one of the Pixiwoo videos you (or Sam?) was wearing a beautiful violet shade of nail polish. Would you share the details? I would love to try it.

  4. maryambashenini says:

    i love eyeko!

  5. miztammym says:

    Love your videos! Can you please tell us the brush you are using for your foundation?How much do brushes really matter? Maybe a video on the type of brushes would be helpful? I have severe bags under my eyes, any suggestions for decreasing these bags? Thanks in advance!

  6. janetteheartx3 says:

    love this look and i love your voice sooooo so much xo

  7. soccermom0134 says:

    Nic I LOVE your hair this color and it’s style straight, you look gorgeous, as always! You and Sam can wear anything and that is what is fun to watch, like your drag video, loved you in red hair too:) fan4life~much love from the states xxoo

  8. gilyboo says:

    would you recommend this foundation for people with oily skin?

  9. powerplaya64 says:

    your sooo gorgeous!!<3 God bless you!!!!:)

  10. HurriedBeauty says:

    Avon Magix face Perfector is AMAZING!! Ive used it for years. And your face was so incredible after just the foundation and concealer!

  11. HurriedBeauty says:

    I do the same thing. lol

  12. I should seriously comment when the video is finished but this is the last one I promise: This look is so gorgeous on you! Especially the eyeliner.

  13. Nic, I wonder how thicker eyebrows would look on you!

  14. Too bad it’s a bit blurry 🙁

  15. PrincessTequila16 says:

    I can’t get over how flawless your skin is ! 🙂 Very beautiful look

  16. fairypinkangel says:

    Woww!!! yoiur hair have got longer haha! Very sophisticate i was wondering what do you think of this Avon ideal flawless invisible foundation is it heavy on skin i usualluy like the smooth mineal liquid foundation from Avon also! Oh! and what was the shade you’ve used
    Thank you you always look very pretty thanks for all the tips 🙂 hugs xoxo

  17. MikeyJackk says:

    i love you =D

  18. Mushroominka says:

    I was wondering about it but Im not sure about the SPF 15…It is gonna show up on the photographs? 

  19. snestor1000 says:

    Yes, it is suitable and you should definitely put it in your kit!!

  20. zaynabzee says:

    I believe she used the MUA eye shadow palette in Heaven and Earth. a brand exclusive to Super drug. I have that palette.

  21. ElleToInterzone says:

    soooooooooo pretty

  22. carmiewarmie says:

    wt palette r u using

  23. allprettyerica says:

    Lovely, fresh and perfect for spring

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