Jul 30, 2012

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Write-up by Daniel Turpin

Tracey Edmonds says Jumping the Broom is a film we can be Proud of.....

Tracey Edmonds, President of Our Stories Films and Executive Producer on Jumping The Broom talks about her urge to want to make a ‘wedding movie’ and the universal appeal of the road to marriage that the film depicts. In the course of her interview with BlackTree TV’s Jamaal Finkley, Tracey talks about the depiction of African American males in movies and what it took to bring this ensemble cast with each other. Things go hilariously awry when two really different households meet for the 1st time at a weekend wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in the insightful and inspirational comedy Jumping the Broom. After a humiliating one night stand, quickly-increasing corporate lawyer Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) vows to “save her cookies” till she gets married, and asks God to aid her locate Mr. Correct. Then a possibility meeting with promising young Wall Streeter Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) becomes a whirlwind romance and Sabrina is confident she’s discovered her soul mate. When she’s offered a profession-generating transfer to China, Jason proposes to Sabrina despite having recognized each and every other for just six months. But when Sabrina’s nicely-educated, Old Income parents, Claudine (Angela Bassett) and Greg (Brian Stokes Mitchell), meet Jason’s down-to-earth postal worker mom Pam (Loretta Devine) for the first time at the Watson estate on Martha’s Vineyard, the gaping class divide raises hackles on each sides. And when Pam produces the broom that she and her late husband jumped over at their personal wedding, Sabrina’s offhand dismissal of the age
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