Aug 2, 2012

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beautiful jessica alba

beautiful jessica alba

tribute to jessica alba

  1. even Jessica Alba cant make this song ungay xD

  2. M8A8D8O8N8N8A says:

    @Gaga92ify no, you’re crazy

  3. Gaga92ify says:

    Angelina Jolie is more beautiful

  4. bestindependentgirl says:

    The song is Beautiful by Meshell Ndegeocello

  5. dompaPro says:

    she is so cute,so sexy ,damn..just love her a lot..<3

  6. You need to see a shrink!

  7. i would use her sh*t for toothpaste

  8. melissa25th says:

    She is beautiful but whats with the gay song?

  9. sqforever1 says:

    K linda ella tan bella y su carisma Jessica de Alba I love you!!!

  10. Frog8755 says:

    She is so beautiful! Wish she was my girl! Love to hug and kiss her for hours, lol!

  11. Omg great video !

  12. dafinalone says:

    Loved her the most in Dark Angel.

  13. thegreatali13 says:

    sexy video..go to finestfreak,com an outlet site to the celeb lookalike porn not everyones to the T but they def have some good lookalikes and a large cam girls too..all free you should add to favorites ; )

  14. lahandros says:

    Jessica is sexy!!! but the stupid song ruins the whole video.. ITS 21st CENTURY!!!

  15. kaktusface says:

    the song sucks

  16. jonny517h says:

    any of you guys seen Albas new video?
    The One where she deepthroats that wine bottle? Sexy as hell! lol and there I was thinking she was all cute and innocent!
    I saw it on this site..

    FinallyNaked (.) co (.) cc

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  17. CUM

  18. ericdelossantos1 says:

    you dont have hot chicks in your spank bank?

  19. who sings this??

  20. ThomasFromNorway says:

    Just a bunch of loosers who beat it to Alba every night.. ha ha… What is she, like 10 years old?

  21. como se llama la cancion de este video y quien la canta????

  22. tinkerspy4 says:

    Nice vid!! Many thanks Sabrina. She’s my fave too.

  23. ttttttttoooooooommmm says:

    I would eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from…

    No wait… i’d eat a mile of her shit.

  24. Eisman36 says:

    Eine schöne Frau mit einem schönen Lächeln, Jessica wir Lieben dich

  25. letymamnemam says:

    I want LOOK AS HER 🙁

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