Aug 25, 2012

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Gay Marriage Or Cousin/Animal Marriage?

Gay Marriage Or Cousin/Animal Marriage?

Love is enjoy and always will be no matter what! Animals and cousins dont count when it comes to marriage! o_O
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  1. If people are for gay marriages, they should be for animal marriage, if you want to go that way… you should go all the way…. even marriage to items and other stuff :)

  2. Well marrying your cousin is normal in the middle east and in muslim culture and we find gay marraige unacceptable because it goes against human nature. When I say ‘we’ i mean the culture and not myself. Heres the thing, with every culture/tradition human beings are diffrent.. i think whatever the fuc* makes you happy, do it.

  3. BeastofTheDeadBlue66 says:

    its not just incest families that have defects. and ok but i dont know ya anyways so how does that matter?

  4. StraightAdvocate says:

    I understand, BUT, there is no incest in my family yet there are many genetic defects in my family as well, so its not just incest families with the defects, but family trees that do have branches have defects as well 🙂

  5. BeastofTheDeadBlue66 says:

    dude i get what your saying but incest babies will have a pretty screwed up live from the genetics. iits true, it IS their oen lives but im pretty sure you can be happily married from someone whos NOT family. plus you christians and your crazy ways im not surprised youd say that 🙂

  6. StraightAdvocate says:

    As a Christian who supports incest and gay marriage, I don’t see how either of them are any worse then the other, not saying either of them are bad of course. Let people live their own lives

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