Aug 29, 2012

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good luck chuck

good luck chuck

Dentist Charlie (Dane Cook) has grow to be known as a good luck charm, so ladies are begging to sleep with him. As soon as you’ve bedded him, you meet your true enjoy and get married. So hey, he’d be carrying out them a favour, appropriate? Cue endless montages of Cook servicing a series of unfeasibly desirable girls. Add Jessica Alba into the mix and you actually have a 14-year-old boy’s fantasy. She’s Charlie’s perfect lady: cute, penguin-loving and accident prone, so she bumps into lamp-posts although he’s wisecracking. But this rom-com is seriously lacking in the laugh department, by no means thoughts the aimless narrative based on some hocus pocus about a curse (this was originally a brief story, and it shows). Alba and Cook do have charm and a hint of chemistry, and there are moments when his natural comic potential peeks by way of (possibly a rare moment of ad libbing). But the script is so reliant on wish-fulfillment it forgets to add individuals important little touches: you know, wit, sincerity, characterisation, that sort of issue… A extremely low cost shot — and hardly anyone calls him ‘Chuck’.

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