Aug 7, 2012

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Hyori Jessica Alba Making of Isa Knox CF

Hyori Jessica Alba Making of Isa Knox CF

Hyori Jessica Alba Creating of Isa Knox CF

Hyori Jessica Alba Making of Isa Knox CF
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  1. Zaqi-Alaia Liats Wild says:

    they communicate by speaking in english right? or with a translater?

  2. dulcemendoza020 says:

    Jessica alba is so so pretty!

  3. wew .

  4. DavePazz says:

    Hyori is way, way hotter… Jessica is very overrated.

  5. xxbluejay21 says:

    Oh that’s funny, because I think Alba is 30 times hotter.

  6. islandprincess143 says:

    0:04 for a second I thought this dude said ‘Sexy star Yuri and Jessica’ from SNSD ! Ahahah ! XD Don’t know why I’m laughing so hard !

  7. mayrainfalldown says:

    lovely nice girls.both of them.

  8. mayrainfalldown says:

    i love their smile, seriously, both of them.

  9. longdali82 says:

    haha the scene in the beginning where they keep turning to each other and smile… I don’t think I could do that without cracking up ahahaha

  10. aysteria4ever says:

    She could stand as Miss korea and kick hun nee lee’s ass LOL

  11. janehwang104 says:

    hm, I’m Korean and what I said is very much true.

  12. namunamuchan says:

    korean girl hating

  13. namunamuchan says:

    i like hyori’s natural smile

  14. evieeeeeee says:

    jehsshika albuh?

  15. iRaincandy says:

    but hyori looks so much younger without make up… well most people do anyway xD

  16. janehwang104 says:

    Jessica Alba is so much more prettier than Lee Hyori.

  17. mroldnewbie says:

    Hyori looks really old.

  18. Hyori + Alba? Arguably the hottest women of the Asian world and Western World? Best commercial ever!@$!@%$@

  19. wlsdn0128 says:

    She is Singer. REAL Queen of K-POP ! Korea’s Sexy ICON ! Trend leader~

  20. JAdoreSephora says:

    wow Hyori speaks english?? she and Jessica were speaking to each other…that’s great

  21. CallMeDaddyHoe says:

    wait wtf why are people comparing jessica and hyori? they’re just in a commercial together, not like they’re competing for anything. two beautiful women can’t star in the same commercial without people fighting over who’s prettier?

  22. animeDARKblue says:


  23. tacticalkimchi says:

    Hyori is pretty damn hot for a Korean girl. As for Jessica Alba goes, she is almost in her own league, spool hot.

  24. amandapandachu says:

    jessica alba is natural<3

  25. clorites87 says:

    love to see both of them smiling. especially hyori at 5:31, really bright smile

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