Aug 17, 2012

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s Date Night Ahead of the Holidays With Their Girls

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s Date Night Ahead of the Holidays With Their Girls

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren's Date Night Ahead of the Holidays With Their Girls

Hey there, I am Karli Bulnes. Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren had a philanthropic parents evening out ahead of the holidays. See their sweet PDA and hear what Jessica is searching forward to this season in PopSugar Rush. “Investing time with my loved ones and now I have two tiny girls so it’s going to be very fun this year.” Jessica Alba mentioned that this year, holidays at her property will be far better than ever, now that new daughter Haven has joined the family members, which consists of 3-year-old daughter Honor and husband Money Warren. Money was by his wife’s side Monday night at Rodeo Drive’s Swarovski Components lighting ceremony, exactly where the couple shared a sweet kiss. Jessica flipped the switch to turn on the sparkly installation alongside Jennifer Hudson, but the evening was far more about philanthropy than festivity for Ms. Alba. “This is their holiday necklace and they are providing a quite generous donation to Baby2Baby, which is a charity that is extremely near and dear to my heart.” Baby2Baby offers baby essentials to families in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Subscribe to PopSugarTV! Pay a visit to our website for far more celebrity and entertainment news! Are we close friends but? Join us on Facebook! https Get the latest updates by means of Twitter!

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  3. Gay or not I love him to death.

  4. Alexandre Mateus says:

    his face at 1:14

  5. Superstitious33 says:

    If I EVER find legit naked pictures of Zac Efron….. 😉

  6. jara arzeo says:

    non sense

  7. Girlymakeupgirl143 says:

    thumbs up if u rewinded and played rock papers scissors with him xD

  8. ronalee stone says:

    are you gay

  9. BeautyandMusic123 says:

    6:04 LOL!

  10. suckbigdicks97 says:

    i would love for this guy to be a news reporter. i would start to watch the newa everyday. whats a fun ride that would be

  11. Erin Patterson says:

    I don’t think he was naked!

  12. emily benko says:


  13. SeerSucker1981 says:

    i thought what the buck was more popular than this…381k views in a year on a video is pretty small, especially considering the topic and video title.

  14. heytherekeithurban says:

    you never posted the board picture…?

  15. TheSiaxpuppy says:

    “Is he um gay?”
    NO~!!! Hes just reeeeaaaallly happy!
    -maximum sarcasm-

  16. heather basham says:

    dont care loser no one likes you your so nasty


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  18. dirttowater says:

    I. Don’t. Care. Loser

  19. ArinnMackenzie says:

    I. Don’t. Give. A. Shit.

  20. dirttowater says:

    Your. Existence. Bothers. Me
    Whatthebuck! =)

  21. Katlovesclothes says:

    i don’t think zack is stupid enough to take a picture of himself naked

  22. ArinnMackenzie says:

    Your. Voice. Bothers. Me.

  23. LeakedFirst says:

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  24. jbfan1699 says:

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