Aug 5, 2012

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Jessica Alba Beautiful as a Doll

Jessica Alba Beautiful as a Doll

Jessica Alba, is a renowned American television and film actress has appeared in the most-wanted movie The Killer Inside Me. Dark angel is so beautiful and impressive with her new image as a doll. This Hollywood star actually captures lots of male heart all more than the globe by her irresistible charming and graceful beauty, and as a doll she is nevertheless attractive and appealing than ever. Jessica Alba has unveiled the photo gallery on the Genlux Magazine in order to advertise her role in The Killer Inside Me. Let’s have an admiring look at the most fashionable and impressive photo shoots of Dark angel.


Jessica Alba imitate the hand gestures of the beautiful doll


Lovely Dark angel covered the Genlux Magazine


Angelic face of Jessica Alba looks like a doll


Here is one of the most impressive photo shoots of Jessica Alba in the collection for the advertisement of The Killer Inside Me


The Killer Inside Me is a film based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Jim Thompson


Crazy is a negative negative word


Who eats a lot more?


Dark angel owns classic beauty with a flawless face



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