Aug 13, 2012

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Jessica Alba on safe baby products

Jessica Alba on safe baby products

Jessica Alba talks about getting a mother, and facts her compnay which focuses on producing protected baby products

  1. Its all these products even non-baby products which have all sorts of strange chemicals, toxic materials, and unnecessary additives, which do things such as; making a product more desirable. Eg to make a drink more fizzy, or make food look edible, when it would normally look like faeces. This probably explains why, after decades of using these kinds of products, we all get cancer when we are old!

  2. aisukurimusandoichi says:

    Don’t you mean “neuHOTic”?

  3. She always struck me as a complete neurotic.

  4. clearlogicify says:

    How did she show her kindness based on this interview? You did not see it as marketing? An actress passing her peak, selling her name and fame to a cosmetic company. The product is simply a renaming and labeling on other baby products. Exploiting people’s lack of an understanding of what health isn’t kind or considerate. It’s raw calculation and a business angle.

  5. onokaoonokao says:

    tits or grfo

  6. drsbaitso0 says:

    I counted twenty, then gave up.

  7. WilsonTwo says:

    thirsty ass niggas smh

  8. VCthaGOATdunker says:

    What matters is not the safe baby products but how hot Jessica Alba is.

  9. and…,and….,and….,and…. :|

  10. WHAT!? Piers and great in the same sentence? That’s insane!

  11. Justanotherveteran says:

    Jessica Alba, What a very kind person. Piers great show you have.

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