Aug 28, 2012

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Jessica Alba Tailed by Persistent Panhandler in Wheelchair!

Jessica Alba Tailed by Persistent Panhandler in Wheelchair!

Jessica Alba just wants to get back to her car…but is confronted with a most persistent panhandler in a wheelchair, and also what seems to be a wig salesman. With out exaggeration the funniest clip of Jessica Alba we’ve observed all year. 7FD2AA10
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  1. oPersistent says:

    The guy in the wheelchair is a real dickhead…

  2. sweetiebab74 says:

    this definitely is a hard life leave her alone paparazzi evil bitches

  3. ELECTRUS94 says:

    where does she live?

  4. EmLovescrazy says:

    Wow i understand they need their picture but shes w her kid like theyre scaring her kid and that guy asking for money wheeling against her is a creep

  5. this is so disgusting. Having to deal with this every single day, especially when you’re with a little kid..

  6. weedster999 says:

    too right

  7. xxzefronluvr says:

    omg i’ve seen that guy before…. LOL

  8. she’s so strong ! love her ! 

  9. I know and you are right because the paparazzi need to get her space!!!

  10. bolvarynorbi says:

    Too much reporters and paparazzis. Every day, every minute, every second.

  11. XxsoulrockaxX says:

    Omg they’re like swearing in front of kids! Gesh how awful !

  12. bieberfactsnow says:

    Poooorr Jess lave her alone!!!

  13. this is not normal

  14. iPhoneIsTheBestPhone says:

    is this on rodeo dr. ?

  15. MrWaterpipelover says:

    I feel srry-her kid.. having to go through these people!

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