Aug 15, 2012

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Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Alvin & the chipmunks

Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Alvin & the chipmunks

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Alvin & the chipmunks

These guys are just the youngest and largest fans of Justin Bieber ever ! They asked their pals Alvin & the chipmunks to aid them generating this song “Child” & music video to reach the heart of their hero. Director Michael Bay heard about it and begged to function on it also. The major producer ain’t no one else than Ryan Higa. Executive Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and lady gaga produced a request as well but didn’t find a good answer (sadly for them). This projet only expense 946562007 $ (a really low spending budget so don’t be also difficult) Jessica Alba could be in enjoy with 1 of them but we do not know a lot more about it. And finally, the principal singer will have the primary function in the next “Twilight 4.1” movie… -Of course it is a Youtube planet premiere- * Official web site : * FaceBook * Twitter : — justin bieber “justin bieber” parody child alvin chipmunks tribute humor spoof funny nigahiga bay youtube “house music” “dance music” pop cute aly commercial squirrel birds sing “Infant (Justin Bieber Song)” Comedy Singing
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  1. Rally kool love it:))-3

  2. toostiecrunch64 says:

    This is so f ing cute

  3. Whasup123abc says:

    Soo Cute!! Luv this! <3

  4. ZingProduction says:

    MDR !!!!! 

  5. StardollSuperstarx says:


  6. Jmaljamal says:

    Show! Sucesso


  7. fredgrzehu21 says:

    hahaha ! pojechali CI Justinku hahahahahah !! zjechali cie jak szm.ate hahaha xdd nie no Big szacun for Alvin & Chipmunk ! Polish anty fans Justin Bibier ! pozdro pedałku

  8. Summer hit !!!

  9. RamonaFromPomona says:

    This is so funny. Cute. Thanks!!

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