Aug 18, 2012

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Pacific Rim trekked its way out to the Hype Studios in Torrance, CA for the Male on Sunday choreo classes featuring Kyle Hanagami, Elm Pizarro, Phillip Geniza, Jaffar Smith, Lyle Beniga, and Marty Kudelka. In this clip, Angelica Alumia chat it up with Kyle Hanagami of the Lost Children and Funks SF. Just a side note…for some cause people say Kyle looks like the male version of Jessica Alba. Do you see it? We’ll put other clip up of Kyle along with Phillip Geniza and Male on Sunday Co-Founder Abbie Isidro. Regrettably, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had been unable to get Elm, Jaffar, Lyle and Marty on camera. Angelica, Peter and Thip of Pacific Rim Video would like to thank Anthony Qureshi and Abbie Isidro for their kindness in providing us the time to interview with their guest choreographers. You can locate photographs of the occasion taken by our extremely personal Sthanlee B. Mirador of Pacific Rim Photo Press at For far more info on Male on Sunday e-mail:

ShowBiz Minute: Yamaguchi, 'Idol,' 'Indy,' Alba

EntertainmentEntertainment ExtraShowBiz Minute: Yamaguchi, ‘Idol,’ ‘Indy,’ AlbaShowBiz Minute: Yamaguchi, ‘Idol,’ ‘Indy,’ AlbaThe Related PressKristi Yamaguchi wins ‘Dancing’ trophy ‘Idol’ readies to pick a David in finale ‘Indy’ has its NYC premiere Jessica Alba weds. (Could 21)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] Girl power rules. Kristi Yamaguchi is the new ‘dancing with the stars’ champ. She’s the first woman to take the mirror ball trophy because the show’s 1st season back in 2005.The Olympic gold medalist bested fan favorites Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuente.Yet another reality show closes its season Wednesday evening – when the contest of the Davids is decided on ‘American Idol.’ Teenaged David Archuleta is favored to finest 25-year old bartender David Cook. At the end of Tuesday night’s singing matchup, Simon Cowell declared Archuleta the knockout winner.Indy explores New York City. ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ took the adventure to Harlem Tuesday evening for its US premiere. Star Harrison Ford walked the red carpet. Also on hand had been his fiance, Calista Flockhart and co-stars Karen Allen – and Shia LeBeouf. Co-star Cate Blanchet also attended the film’s premiere – but in her residence country of Australia.And Jessica Alba is hitched. Her publicist says she quietly married infant daddy Money Warren on Monday. They got engaged in December after Alba announced she’s expecting. ___ ___, The Connected Press.(****End****) ANCHOR VOICE: Lauri Neff
Video Rating: 3 / 5

  1. idk. haha. i deleted my comment. :))

  2. AMarshymallowSky2U says:

    why everyone is like nooo please don’t be gay
    he’s hot!!
    and our fangirl chances would be all the way down there…

  3. AMarshymallowSky2U says:


  4. ThePoreotics23 says:

    hes hot!!!

  5. he is so HOTTTTTT <3. i love himm

  6. Mamitalovesyoux3 says:

    @ pacificrimvideopress i have a question is he gay? not to be disrespectful cuz its ok

  7. LadyTheBubble says:

    ooo god. guy or not! does it matter? he’s insane dancer!!

  8. FreestyleCrewz says:

    I care more about his moves not if he’s gay or not.. all of you should to!

  9. woZhongwenshihenhao says:

    Yup. Screams gay.

  10. sofiaxsweetie says:

    what wa the sonq at 1:15 ???
    honestly i dont qive a flyinq fucc if hes qay or not,
    hes kute.!!
    && dude qot moves sheeit.

  11. nancy nguyen says:

    I can only imagine what kyle would be thinking about people questioning his sexuality haha

  12. marius666 says:

    I don’t think he’s gay. I’m a dude, he SEEMS gay, but I think he’s just more sensitive to things than other guys? Which isn’t exactly a bad thing either. Since he’s more sensitive, he can tap into his emotions better and illustrates them in his dances.

    Also, isn’t Kyle and Ellen Kim dating? I’m not sure, but I see them together in so many choreos.

    Anyways, I’m a huge fan of Kyle regardless of his sexuality. Sohey Sugihara is definitely gay and he is unbelievably amazing!


  14. i reallylike the moves

  15. SuperGummylicious says:

    hes freakin hott…he shuld teach me!!!!hes a hot sexie beast!!

  16. ZaNeSsAroKz says:

    He’s hot. I don’t give a shiiiz if he’s gay or not! He’s bloody amazing! and fucking hot!

  17. cutieboy24 says:

    i think a lot of people here asking about his sexuality cause they all want to be with him :)

  18. FierzGirl says:

    FYI, their friend/LK member (Julio Morales) said that they NEVER dated, and that they are just good friends (via formspring, mind you) so check again PAL! ugh

    And i am not saying he is gay either, that is not relevant to this video or any of his dancing videos on youtube for that matter, so why are you so invested in his personal life?

  19. standardslip says:

    Him being gay falls into the category of “so what,who cares & doesn’t matter.”
    its all about the moves 😀

  20. aznbeauty141 says:

    haha he so cute! LOL xD

  21. Siramad15 says:

    Im so used to watch Angelica with Quest Crew al the time

    i miss that

  22. Aldenasfd says:

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