Aug 14, 2012

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SPEED PAINTING – Jessica Alba#2 by mediamaster

SPEED PAINTING – Jessica Alba#2 by mediamaster

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  4. MarinunziaHouse says:


  5. Es realmente como impresionante como alguien puede hacer cosas así, es simplemente irreal. Yo nunca podría hacer algo así.
    You are a MASTER!!!!

  6. lbgoalie22 says:

    Two words. “Freaking Amazing!”

  7. METLA1988 says:

    OH MY GOOOD!!! oh my god! oh myyyy god!!!! How!!! How they do that!)))) BIGGEST RESPECT! This is best of the best picture in speedpainting!))))))

  8. djsubliminalreeve says:

    god cant even paint that good

  9. drummerluis08 says:

    troppo bello!!!

  10. TheMesterhak says:

    Wow man that is just to awesome ive never seen anything like this:):) highest stars


  12. Irakli1981 says:

    very professional…. u used enormous size of the canvas…. thats how real professionals do…. this is the best work I’ve seen on youtube

  13. AMVObssedAnime says:

    Fukin epic i love it

  14. spaceinvader1988 says:

    best painting ever 😉

  15. it looks so damn real… awesome 5/5

  16. Corey91666 says:

    ah right got it… man 7 hours… no wonder good things need time

  17. the transparency at the beginning says 7 hours.

  18. Fantastimondo says:

    5 stars very very good!!!!!!!!!

  19. lol me too! c(=

  20. Corey91666 says:

    is it real time ? o.O

    nice job how long u need for sth like that ?

  21. BrodieAdeyHansen says:

    out of all the digital paintings iv seen this is the best so far amazing!

  22. navettiere says:


  23. Sgofyyahanime says:

    nice drawing 😀

    by the way how much is the tablet you’re using?

  24. MrAstroMonkey says:


  25. Amette922 says:

    i cant draw hair :/

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