Aug 16, 2012

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The Stare: Jessica Alba Responds!!! (Link in Description)

The Stare: Jessica Alba Responds!!! (Link in Description)

Jessica Alba’s response: Examine out my internet site, blog, and other vids at: Music by

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  1. i couldnt blink´╗┐ the whole vid …

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  3. Dracofang777 says:

    keep´╗┐ ur eyes closed you have an excuse

  4. IcosahedronLord says:

    Jessica´╗┐ Alba lasted more than 1 minute, beat that.

  5. KatharinaaXOXO says:

    I am NOT kidding, i didn’t blink for the whole time that other dude did it, than I paused the vid for 10 secs or something to see how long I could go for without blinking and I didn’t blink, when´╗┐ i started the vid I beat kevjumba and after he blinked I blinked. I won:D ­čśë

  6. Kortney Holmes says:

    i´╗┐ lov you wu

  7. TheAssassinofDestiny says:

    im´╗┐ asian so ha!

  8. Ashleypare95 says:

    You wear contact lenses Kevin! It makes it reaaaally´╗┐ easy to win staring contests =D

  9. I´╗┐ beat u both !!!

  10. ginasbeenhere says:

    I tried to beat jessica´╗┐ and my eyes are like watering

  11. Jessica beat you good

  12. LMAO laughed´╗┐ so hard at the spider part! omggggg! love Kevin

  13. HasanTube11 says:

    loll watch my video on my channel …..thumbs up if´╗┐ you think its funny.

  14. bobbysuger says:

    i stared from the second I was born´╗┐ and im still staring!
    This is so easy ­čśŤ

  15. DarkMetalSamurai says:

    Thats not far ur eyes are already´╗┐ semi-closed

  16. Jamie Smith says:


  17. I stared from the start of baron davis and stared the entire video and´╗┐ through this commemt. This is so easy

  18. TheUlia11 says:


  19. Jessica Alba´╗┐ won lol

  20. limzining says:

    YOU ARE SO ADORABLE BACK THEN HAHA. LOOOL looks´╗┐ more like a spider hahaha

  21. Woooop deee´╗┐ fucckeenn doooo!!!!

  22. catchagrenadeforu77 says:

    Go Kevin wu!´╗┐

  23. MissPhoenixify says:

    I´╗┐ blinked at the exact same time as him ­čśŤ Haha we’re twins!!!

  24. OMG´╗┐ YOMYOMF, he got Jessica Alba!!

  25. smileyLoopy says:

    jessica alba!!!´╗┐ xx

  26. xXblueblurXx1 says:

    I really like this´╗┐ awesome channel

  27. RBKluuzGH says:

    1. Get away with everything.
    2. Lose 1 leg…and get a prosthetic leg.
    3. Flu for 2 weeks. Diarrhea sucks because you have to wake up a lot of times during the night, lose tons of sleep over it, feel weak and just feel like you have the flu anyway..
    4. Neither, they’re all whores.
    5. Jessica Alba. Megan Fox´╗┐ is ugly and looks like someone ran her over with a 18-wheeler.

  28. khalzy247 says:

    jessica´╗┐ alba but if it is the younger megan fox, the megan fox

  29. TheCoDzillaPlayer says:

    Agreed´╗┐ all xD

  30. RnGA2GRIZZLY says:

    Megan Fox all´╗┐ the way ­čśë

  31. kilianrenzhammer says:

    JESSICA ALBA for sure´╗┐

  32. Jessica alba is pretty, megan ´╗┐ have the face operated

  33. mutatedpicachu says:

    right click
    stop download

  34. bronco19013 says:

    Jessica Alba is more beautiful.´╗┐

  35. zooyorkjosh100 says:

    -super powers all day,
    -loose one leg, i mean,what would you do without your hands?!
    -i think diarrea, though both would suck
    -pornhub all days, redtube sucks
    -my question´╗┐ btw:DD
    and i asked it because a can’t decide:D so i’d take them both!

  36. mw2PLAYERMAN says:

    1.a´╗┐ face that would let you get away with anything
    2.lose a leg
    3.Hard maybe diarrhea
    5.megan fox

  37. Mrfearstrike says:

    That awkward moment when your wife´╗┐ watches this. LOL.

  38. IaN22d97CH says:

    with no leg´╗┐ i couldnt fap ­čÖü

  39. IaN22d97CH says:

    Megan´╗┐ Fox!!!

  40. qwerty123842 says:

    YEAH AJ´╗┐ FTW ­čśÇ

  41. BlackNailPolishGirl says:

    Alba most´╗┐ def

  42. TheSinzProductions says:

    AJ can u please link me the intro song?:)´╗┐

  43. TrueShot2Coul says:

    1. Get away with anything, lots of people i would kill ­čśŤ
    2. 1 leg even though´╗┐ I love sports… I use my hands way more!
    3. Flu for 2 weeks… Ive been out for a month one time wasnt that bad^^
    4. Pornhub just cause
    5. Tough choice….´╗┐ But Jessica Alba for sure… Megan is hot but she is kind of a toothpick… Wouldnt kick her out of bed but yea Jessica is just way better looking imo.

  44. XblANiNjAh says:

    Sweet you used my´╗┐ tweet

  45. dougredsox4000 says:

    Jessica Alba cuz Megan´╗┐ fox has toe thumbs!!!!!!!!

  46. would you rather´╗┐ be a ginger and have lots of friends or dont have ginger hair and have 2 friends

  47. is both´╗┐ an option?

  48. NFLDude56 says:

    For the rest of your life when you drink a liquid would you rather taste Purple slushie flavor or Red slushie flavor.The flavor i’m talking about is´╗┐ when you drink a grape or cherry slush.

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