Aug 19, 2012

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The Unfortunate Fascists of “Bros Before Hos” and “Chicks Before Dicks”

(The following article is strictly opinionated with blunt subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised)

Who has heard the saying(s), “Bros before hos” and/or “Chicks before dicks?” For those who haven’t, both sayings mean, “Stick with your friends” because they’re usually there for you the most. In most cases, yes, it’s true, your friends are usually there for support or whenever you need them. It’s nice to have people to look out for you, especially at clubs, house parties, or any place with alcohol. Some people however, may have friends who will go to extreme lengths just to seem protective. If friends have to overprotect one another, there’s clearly no trust. Not only can some friends be overprotective, they can also be conniving, possessive, and invasive just to make themselves look good-natured. Eventually these situations unravel and get too complicated to handle, sometimes friends break contact with each other to be alone and rethink their social life. It’s not only friends who can potentially complicate your social life, it’s the people you are hooking up with the first time that can create social problems too. This article analyses the different types of fascist people of the “Bros before Hos” & “Chicks before Dicks” methods.

Competitive womanizer/man-eater: Unfortunately, some guys and girls are horny, territorial, and competitive people they will do anything to win the attention of the opposite sex, even if it includes making their friends, the losers. Some want the most desirable person around, but when they’re competing for the same person, then the situation gets intense. They prey on their targets like animals and think of them as property. They will approach them with whatever civilized manner they can think of before one of their friends they’re competing against gets drunk enough & become too aggressive or hostile. They will “accidentally” embarrass each other just to raise the stakes. At the end when their targets do choose, the friend(s) who didn’t get anyone, is left abandoned and alone. The one who got the girl or guy soon spends all of their time with their new partner and then forgets about their male or female companions. These competitive womanizers & man-eaters fixate about being the best with people they feel are the best looking. It can be flattering, but they may have high expectations for not only themselves, but for the ones they’ve attracted because they want to maintain certain status. It’s nice to have goals, but some goals can really push people away because if someone doesn’t accept you for who you are now, they probably won’t accept you at all and will mistreat you in the near future.

Stalker hook-ups: These people are the ones who will do anything to keep their liaisons going. It’s not always easy finding connections with people, but it’s sometimes harder to get rid of them. When hooking up with random people, you don’t always know what you get yourself into until you go too far with them. This can be tricky because you still may enjoy the exciting rush, but it could get too serious to handle, you want to be released. Soon the people you want to get released from become stalkers and will do anything to keep contact. Sadly, some stalkers can’t take “no” for an answer because they enjoy the challenging thrill of getting someone they can’t have. They develop an obsession with you because they feel lonely, insecure, and needy. Even if their texts, phone calls, emails, or any other means of communication are ignored, some stalkers won’t stop. It’s not always about a certain person they obsess over, it’s about rage. Stalkers can be very disturbed to deal with reality and they can’t stand that, so they create fantasies with people they barely know, but eventually the people they obsess over fail them. Stalkers feel like they have to hurt the ones they’ve hooked up or connected with because when they look at their obsessions, all they see is how worthless and damaged they are, so they get off on sexual pain. This is where friends need to be around to help you escape stalker hook ups because you could be in serious danger. So when hooking up with people, make sure your life isn’t at risk.

Porno Paparazzi: You know how photos can be well cherished Kodak moments? There are some photos out there that are DEFINITELY worth forgetting. Any photo can say a thousand words, but photos that jeopardize a person’s reputation is one of the worst, especially if it falls into the wrong hands. Lots of people enjoy going out with friends to pubs, clubs, lounges, and house parties for example, but when cameras flash all over the place and capture any type of incriminating pictures, problems can occur. Some people love taking photos often because it’s the easiest way to keep treasured memories. However, when provocative photos get posted online for the public eye, it can give people the wrong impression and cause hiatus controversy. If people are applying for a job or starting a new relationship but fail to do so because of these photos, then that just destroys anyone’s chance of moving forward in life. It’s even worse when people find out it’s their friends who posted these photos online in the first place because they feel betrayed, ashamed, and outraged. At these times, it’s hard to start over because these photos pile up in life and soon, that’s all people see. Porno paparazzi use these photos to control people because it gives them a great deal of power. Eventually these photos can corrupt anyone’s life making it impossible to start fresh. Destructive photos can also break friendships because there are mixed intentions of taking the photos and the outcome that gets unleashed. It can be fun to take pictures of others making fools of themselves, but some people would rather keep their private lives private, so always check if there are ANY photos of wild, drunken nights before they get leaked.

Invasive Perverts: How far will friends go just to protect one another? Usually depending on the situation and the people they’re with. Although there are some friends who feel the need to protect other friends in every situation, including when they’re having sex. It doesn’t matter if their friends are having sex with other friends or with total strangers, these protective friends are secretly addicted to scandal (but who isn’t?). These types of protective friends are called invasive perverts because they want to witness intimate details of others’ privacy to either get tips for when they finally get laid or just to “act” like they’re caring. It’s nice when friends care for each other, but when they have to invade each other’s privacy just so trust can be earned is obnoxiously stupid. If the sex is really enjoyable, it’s horrible when it gets disrupted by disrespectful friends listening in. Sometimes these invasive perverts will call out their friends or publicly assume they will have sex with chosen people that night, making it harder to go out anywhere to mingle unless they get brutally embarrassed or harassed first. Trust is clearly absent there and having invasive perverted friends who desperately cater to their sex addicted habits by violating others’ privacy is one of the most degrading and insensitive forms of protection. If people go out to mingle, all they want to do is have fun, but if liaisons do happen, keep it private and invasive perverts at a LONG distance. If rape is about to happen and there’s screaming bloody murder, then yes, protect all you want.

Babysitter Dependents: It’s usually very awkward to walk in on someone having sex, but what about the ones who expect you to stay and babysit them until they’re done? Sure there are some people who are not ashamed of watching pornography on TV, but if you’re expected to watch or listen in on your friend’s sex life, that can be very sick and twisted. There are some adults who can’t handle being alone with someone else, so they need friends to keep close so they can feel comfortable. Although there are friends who would rather leave and ignore all the moans, groans, and colorful images of a person’s sex life. It gets annoying being dragged into your friend’s sex lives, especially when they take a long time. What if they ask you to clean up after them? Now that’s just demeaning your friends even more because since these babysitter dependents just had sex and want you to do something, they can be too tired to clean up whatever mess came out of them. Yes, sex is very common for most adults, but it’s disturbing to be asked by another friend to baby sit the one who’s having sex just so they can feel safe. It’s different with threesomes because everyone is involved, but having someone watch while the other two people hump each other? That’s really sick and ridiculous. It’s like tutoring adults to become adults. If someone isn’t willing to have sex with another person by themselves, then they’re not exactly adults.

Egotistical Psycho: This person is probably one of the most childish one out on the town because they constantly think that everyone should worship him/her. Maybe on their birthdays, yes, that’s acceptable, but if it’s every time they go out ANYWHERE, that’s just desperate. Maybe they spend their whole lives trying to look the best in any way possible like getting plastic surgery, manipulating others to adore them, or taking drugs that temporarily help them but disregard the long-term side effects. When their friends spend time with them, sometimes they have to sacrifice their time just so the ones with the big egos have fun first. It’s like tending to a baby’s needs before getting back to reality or else the baby endlessly cries, whines, kicks, screams, and complains. It’s understandable for babies to scream for attention and such because they’re very new to the unknown world and need guidance. When it’s an adult repetitively begging for an audience, then it gets tedious, draining, and destructive for not only the attention addict, but also for the ones mindlessly giving it to them and suffering through the time. If a baby is sometimes hard to control when it’s complaining a lot, imagine what an adult can be if they behave the same way? If they’re intoxicated just to match their toxic personalities, it’s even worse. They start to demand anything and possibly everything from anyone. They get loud, rude, aggressive, act unreasonable & irrational, and become completely inconsiderate to how much work they expect everyone to do to supervise them or pay attention to them. Sometimes if their demands aren’t met, they get violent because they think that they own everyone and can do whatever they please to them, even if it means being physically cruel to them. These self-centered people only expose how insecure, petty, helpless, and stressed they are when they get intoxicated. They try effortlessly to seem powerful or perfect when they don’t realize they’re chasing after a myth and become delusional. They forget about the important things in life, like family, friends, health, and respect after consuming too much alcohol. Maybe they would like to relax and find their own happiness, but always expecting others to treat them like royalty makes them arrogant and maniacal. Soon friends become annoyed with them, then eventually ignore them and find other friends with sincerity than insanity. So if there’s alcohol or drugs consumed by these narcissists, make sure they leave their egos at the door or else put them to bed.

Hypocritical Liars: Beware of these people most of all because they’re the most manipulative, evil, unfair, and high maintenance people to ever know. Sometimes it’s hard to keep morals, especially ones that are good-natured and important, but any act of rebellion can become a horrible drug for these people. At first they may start out with the best intentions when they club, pub, or drink in general to relax, unwind, and socialize. However, some of their best intentions can be broken just like glass when something better comes along. Yes, everyone has their own, different opinion, but it’s absurd when someone says one thing then does the complete opposite. Kind of sounds bipolar, doesn’t it? Keeping up with hypocrites is bad enough, but hypocritical liars are an even bigger headache. Hypocritical liars are similar to egotistical psychos, but are a bit more selfish, narrow-minded, and spineless. On the surface, they will try to “enlighten” others with their views on self-respect, abstinence, and patience for instance, but they secretly did the opposite of what they supposedly believed in once. It’s like a salesperson secretly promoting a faulty product – nothing good is sold except for lies. The regrettable outcome of these events is that these hypocrites lie for a living that it’s impossible to trust them since their actions are either unpredictable or unjustified. They don’t care who they hurt, they only care about getting what they want whether it’s possessions (money, job, vehicles, clothes, etc.), people (random hook-up, a married person, someone professionally ranked higher than them, etc.), or just sending a message (“do as I say, not what I do”). Plus, these people are the worst role models for the younger generation. If younger generation are badly influenced by hypocritical liars, they’re poisoned with vile, vain, and disastrous lives because they learn to abusively hurt people. Using people for harmful, controlling reasons in hypocritical situations is by far cold-hearted, hateful, and sadistic. If you don’t mind being manipulated by hypocritical liars because you feel they’re just intoxicated, then you could be a very good friend to them. For the ones who wouldn’t tolerate their ungrateful and atrocious behavior, be the better role model by abiding by morals that can be kept.

These people are just a small group of the most common fascists that can be spotted in alcohol-related environments. The list can go on forever or it can be reduced. People need to remember to control their alcohol intake because anything can be said and/or done that can never be taken back, everyone has the freedom to be in control of their own lives not others’, and friends should trust each other without interfering in each others’ privacy. If friends feel the need to control each other enough to make it feel like they’re being choked around their necks, then that’s not friendship at all. Yes, friends should stick together, but there will be times when guys can’t resist getting a lap dance from a woman as beautiful as Jessica Alba, or a woman flirting and getting swept away by a guy who’s as handsome as Ryan Gosling. Most men and women are independent, mature, respectful, and sensible enough to make their own decisions and take care of themselves, but yes, friends can worry, be paranoid, and do anything possible to ensure each other’s safety because yes, rape does happen, and if they are not there, it would be too late. Not only can rape happen, drug overdose, murder, or car accidents can also happen, but again, drink slowly & pace yourself, be aware of your surroundings, and avoid all fascists as much as possible.

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