Sep 15, 2012

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All About Voom by Joy Han Clothing

All About Voom by Joy Han Clothing

If you have an eye for high fashion, like to put on what the celebrities are wearing, but also like to give your wallet a small bit of a break at the exact same time, then you certainly want to appear into wearing Voom clothes, a line recognized as VOOM by Joy Han. The line itself is one of the funnest you have seen yet, and has been featured in Elle Italia, Lucky, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. VOOM by Joy Han has not been around for extended, but this line has significant staying energy in the fashion business.

VOOM by Joy Han was born in 2002 and is the product of the inventive fashion genius Joy Han and her husband James Kim. The line started in 2002 and following rave evaluations, mass production started in 2005. March 2006 saw the public debut of VOOM when VOOM debuted at the Fall/Winter ’06 Collection at the elite Mercedez Benz Style Week at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. Joy Han, its inventive genius is identified as the original ‘VOOM Girl’ and in fact, her reputation is becoming so widespread, she has already been referred to as the ‘Ms. Galliano’ of the fashion sector.

Joy has established a firm reputation which will back VOOM clothing for seasons to come. She’s dressed the likes of Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Avril Lavigne, and Jennifer Really like Hewitt, amongst a lot of others. She prides herself on producing designs that will make girls feel young, confident, and gorgeous with pieces that will be practically timeless lasting from season to season.

Joy’s vision of the timeless trend is seen in her VOOM clothing collection that is quirky, enjoyable, young, funky, but classic. These will not be the IT trend, but they will be present looks you can wear any season, any year. Due to the effective success of VOOM by Joy Han, VOOM clothes now has a infant sister. This line is known as Vava, also by Joy Han, and has just been not too long ago launched as a line described as ‘twisted vintage’. With Vava, you will discover classic femininity with just a hint of an edge, and at a lower cost point. In reality, Lindsay Lohan has recently listed Vava as 1 of her favorite brands.

Where can you uncover VOOM Clothing? All more than the globe! New York homes it at Patricia Fields, Culver City showcases VOOM Clothes at Intuition, and there are over 500 specialty boutiques all more than the world including the U.S., Greece, Argentina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, and so many much more. On the web you can find VOOM by Joy Han at specialty boutiques such as, exactly where you will discover pick pieces such as the Giraffe Dress, Luxe Child Doll, and the divine Lola Halter.

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