Sep 22, 2012

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Mind Over Matter

The youngsters are the ones dressed for the occasion and believe me each and every day has a couple of occasions for which they are prepared to be dressed. It’s not so a lot what they genuinely like, but what grabs their peer’s focus, evoking strong reactions along with it. If it really is in fashion and they’re wearing it, they are hot!

If you are a mom reading this post, do not put your credit card away however. Tomorrow one thing else will be in style and what they are wearing today will be old news. If you can not cope, lock your teen in a bedroom with no a cellular telephone, magazines and a television exactly where advertisements, musicians or celebrities are unable to promote their tips.

Although the teens may possibly assume their needs are “de rigueur (a should)” let’s just go back in time and appear at style that stayed, faded into oblivion and then came back only to disappear once more … and come back … once more.

Vibrantly vibrant red lipstick dates back to the 1920’s. Nowadays it is nonetheless in the market and yes, it really is fashion. If teens are not wearing it, it’s not since the colour is as well dramatic. No! Just get Revlon to advertise Jessica Alba in the course of one particular of the ad breaks on a music channel. Every single teen that is seen the ad will be acquiring and wearing red lipstick.

Back in the fifties the girls enjoyed showing off their status. If they had been “dating” they’d put on their boyfriend’s sweater or letterman jacket (an individual, team, club, high school, or college jacket). It was the in-point to do and very fashionable. And the girls are nevertheless doing it these days! Now, there’s a fad that’s never ever faded … it is been with us all the time.

The fifties also brought the saddle shoes, poodle skirts, scarves, bobby socks and ponytails. Sack dresses emerged, disappeared and re-appeared in the eighties. Girls began wearing pants outdoors their home and the guys … properly, do you remember Danny Zuco (Grease)? The leather jackets, greased back hair and Elvis Presley side burns just did it for the guys. And nowadays it really is no different. Gel can make or break a teen.

The 1960’s brought the turtleneck sweaters, mini skirts and the go-go boots. Remember the lyrics “these boots had been made for walking”? Well, Nancy was singing about the go-go boots and while they were also produced for dancing, they never ever seemed to disappear. Whether they were to the knee with stiletto heels or platforms like in the seventies, go-go boots had been produced to remain. Nowadays we see them with all types of heels, specifically the fashionably low heels.

Whether or not we’re talking about the tie die shirts of the sixties or the sandblasted denims of nowadays, style in no way appears to disappear entirely. One thing is usually resurrected and re-designed. And history repeats itself. We’re still seeing mood rings, enjoy beads and bell bottoms. We’re nonetheless buying the earth, penny and jelly shoes of the seventies and eighties. Denim remains no matter whether dark, light, grey, acid or sandblasted. Hyper coloured shirts come and go, and T-shirts will never die.

For the youngsters it is a matter of becoming in or out. It’s not just what they put on, but how they wear it. It really is harmless but really pricey. Parents should not condemn the fashion trends of the youth just due to the fact of their budget. But there are a handful of issues parents can do to make life less difficult.

1. From a quite little and tender age, children ought to be taught that popularity does not make a individual satisfied. Rather of following a trend, parents really should assist young children to be moderate. When a toddler runs about in the house, he’s just a toddler. It really is Mom that watches tv – or the neighbour’s – and it really is Mom that wants to acquire her kid the most current and most fashionable toys, no matter the cost. As lengthy as her toddler has the toy, Mom’s satisfied.

Genuinely, our youngsters when little don’t assume of what is in and what’s not. We spoil them from such a tender age with so significantly materialistic “really like” that in the end, they turn out to be demanding teenagers and we wonder why. Moderation. Understand to be happy and live according to your spending budget. Teach your kids the worth of money … one thing many parents lose sight of in their quest to buy the world for their “children’s” sake. Believe about remote manage toys. A baby of eight months can’t play with it. He can not play with the pricey golf set either. Why are father’s acquiring their youngsters these issues?

2. Teach your child to respect his or her physique. Again this is a lesson for very young children. And whatever you teach them, continue repeating the lesson as they grow up. There are so many wellness dangers of which they need to have to be conscious. It assists if parents practice what they preach. Smoking, drinking, physique piercing and tattoos are all wellness risks. If your kids realise that celebrities dress the way they do simply because they’re attempting to stay in the limelight, it could help them preserve a balanced view.

three. Being in the limelight and searching for a lot of focus is a selfish way of living. Once again from a really young age help your child to love those about him and to share. It really is extremely tough to deal with a selfish ego-centric teenager.

four. Don’t let your child develop up hunting weird or conservative. Enable him to “blend in” with the majority. Work towards carrying out this maintaining wisdom and moderation in thoughts. Youngsters can appear absolutely fabulous if they understand to dress creatively. Obtaining the fundamentals, like denims, T-shirts and a jacket or two – even although not often a fashion trend – can be spiced up with fashionable accessories, like a cap or beads.

It’s not so essential in life to be various like Johnny Depp, or well-known like Britney Spears. Teenagers shouldn’t imitate. They must appear at what they have and boost their personal inner beauty. A gorgeous personality in any social group is worth a lot more than any fleeting fashion style. We are what we think. We are what we think. We are what we wear. We are what we are. Effectively, if that is the situation, we much better have sanity, due to the fact behind all of these clich├ęd sayings is a single correct truth: it is all thoughts more than matter.

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