Sep 25, 2012

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Remembering December O1xO1

Remembering December O1xO1

New Christmas series !! Look in the video to see the characters :)) Serenity’s Point Of Veiw I sat in the back of a taxi as it drove me to my destination.I was going to my hometown for Christmas,just like i did each and every year because i started college.I made a deal with my dad at my high school graduation if i came home for chirstmas every single year then i could go to college in Florida.I met a great guy named Jeffery(Joe jonas) & im engaged to be married to him.He’s coming up right here to be with me 7 2 announce our engagement to the family members tomorrw He had to go to a buisness meetin nowadays.This year i decided that i would remain for the whole month of December & 1 week in January prior to i flew back to the warm,sandy beaches in Miami. Final christmas i was in a auto accident.I was hit by an SUV & lost my memory.The only issues i remembered were my loved ones & couple of close friends but i didnt bear in mind any events that occurred throughout Christmas break.I nevertheless dont remember every little thing but im hoping some memories will come back to me in time. The taxi pulled into the old driveway.I paid the driver, grabed my luggage,& stepped out of the taxi.I walked up the old,creeky steps & knocked on the blue door.My parents nonetheless lived in the identical house…Blue doors & shutters..big front & back yard..3 floors,faded paint.Me & my brothers & sisters grew up in this home.I juss wish i could keep in mind far more of it. The door creeked open & i saw my mother(Jessica Alba) standing there smiling at me.”Serenity ! ” She pulled me

  1. amazing loved it… i hope she stays with damen

  2. isupporttaylena1085 says:

    love it i hope she stays with damen

  3. Debbierockz67 says:

    love it

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