Sep 2, 2012

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Running in the Rain: Kate and Diego

Running in the Rain: Kate and Diego

I DO NOT Own Anything AT ALL! —————————————————- All correct. This is my second video for this internet site that I am on. It really is a small story about two characters on mentioned internet site. Katelyn Joan (Beck/Rodriguez) Sanchez and Santiago Juan Sanchez. Story Line: Katelyn and Diego have constantly been in enjoy, correct from the commence and now that they are married, they are about to see how items will test their marriage. At the starting, Kate and Diego are actually content with each other but when Kate’s father, Devlin, shows up and threatens the two of them to break up or else they lose the other and their son. They have no other choice but to do as he orders. Kate is supposed to be married off to a leader of an additional gang so that Devlin’s gang can have a lot more connections as Diego is supposed to impregnate a daughter of another gang so that their son will be forced to be in every single gangs. Even even though they both know they can not be with each other to guard the other, they can not help but think of every single other and want to be with each other once more. Kate can not stand her dreams and memories of Diego but she stays away, not wanting to endanger her husband and son so she confides in her best friend Charlie. Charlie, being the person she is, confronts Diego about all that he’s carrying out to Katelyn and his Alejandro but he just blows her off for he knows what’s going on. Diego is getting forced to keep in mind all the occasions he had with his wife but it is as well considerably for him to bear and he returns to his wife once again. The

J: well, ladies, im married to Jessica alba K: extremely funny. J: really no, im single K: I am as well RG: nick? N: nope. Im taken. RG: nicely, we’ve all noticed the photos and heard the rumors, and you heard it here 1st, nick is no longer single. Lets take some calls. *they answer some far more questions, perform two songs, then head out the back door and go back to the bus* J: *runs to the couch and lays down* im so tired E: nick, do you have to do school work? N: nope, it’s my tutors spring break also, so im all yours *pulls her closer and kisses her* K: come on guys J: yeah, its too early for all that E: *pulls away* haha. Sorry guys. What else do you guys have to do today? K: hmm. Just sound examine ahead of the concert. N: how about me and you hang out right now? E: sounds good *just then, a girl comes operating in the tour bus* ??: hey guys! N: lily! What are you undertaking right here? *she hugs him, really tight* K: hey lily! *hugs him* J: hey! *hugs him* L: I just came for a surprise go to *looks at emma* hi. Im lily E: emma *shakes her hand* good to meet you L: you too. Nick has told me a lot about you. K: we filmed a film a couple of months ago and that is exactly where we met her E: oh. Awesome. L: so what are you guys doing? N: nothing. You wanna hang out? We have till soundcheck L: certain. Lets go N: okay. Bye guys *they ran out* K: uhmm..ok E: bye? J: em, do not be concerned he doesn’t like her E: im not worried, just extended till soundcheck? K: about 2 and a half hours J: you wanna go find some thing to
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  1. Kateyisacutie01 says:

    :O no way!!!

  2. SmallWorldsWooFoos says:

    OMG!!!! I wrote a romace drama about these 2 people name Kate and Diego and I didnt even know about this xD

  3. MoonlightVampire says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jennilyn66 says:

    wowweee…nick is sooo very oblivious!!!

  5. lol

  6. themaddieshowgirl says:

    Yeah Nick are you serious!

    hahahaha! Geesh Nick can be so clueless!

  7. princessasserc says:

    are u serius?

    — word for the day.. sentence? im rea;;y weird

  8. danradcliffereak18 says:

    oh poor emma dang nick was a jerk!! i love this chpater!!!! =D

  9. just posted it :]

  10. lol yeah.

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