Sep 7, 2012

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The Stare: Bunny pwnz kevjumba, Baron Davis and Jessica Alba

The Stare: Bunny pwnz kevjumba, Baron Davis and Jessica Alba

My bunny Simon, “stare master”. Simon is a contestant in the stare competitors at Go over and vote for him! Lookout Kevjumba, Jessica Alba and Baron Davis. Simon is gunnin’ for ya!
Video Rating: four / 5

Jessica M Alba bikini photos. Music by KISS.

Jessica Alba bikini candid photographs. Music by KISS. “I was made for lovin you” remix version

  1. bunbundarabbit says:

    haha must have gotten mad it sniffed ur hand n got no treat lol so cute

  2. DeMidnightSun says:

    I pwned Simon lol I know many of you guys did too xD

  3. Shawrav Rahman says:

    My fish can beat everyone xD

  4. hipnhappenin says:

    Do bunnies even blink?

  5. 00anvil11md says:

    You can’t hold a candle to Fluttershy…

  6. oOheartjam2Oo says:

    LOL.. the bunny’s nose was like joining the beat of the background music :))

  7. ValkyereHowie says:

    Lol why did Simon growl at claw at you at the end?

  8. ur bunny was like bitch dont touch me! i can stare u down!!

  9. at 1:08 the bunny starts struggling to not blink his eyes

  10. nolessthanill says:

    In the rabbit, the third eyelid helps keep the eye moist, which may explain why rabbits only blink 10 to 12 times an hour.

  11. bunnymoviejunkie says:

    I watch bunny movies every day, and this is one of my favourite. So funny, so cute!!! Sorry that Simon is dead now.

  12. They can growl.

  13. gr4ndhustle says:

    that bunny is talking some serious business, never even blinks once.. mah nigga

  14. AHappyPony says:

    XD simon reminds me of my rabbit priscilla. Same attitude and almost same looks

  15. angelshweet says:

    oh man i love your bunny simon….i had a bunny exactly like him, his name was peter, red eyes pure white and used to stare at you the same. Aww i miss my bunny so much!!

  16. man this is mad trippin me out, its so funny im so stoned daang dis a good watch, i wanna steal yo rabbit and call him rambo or bugzy and take him to starbucks wif me and pik up mad pussy.,

  17. kirasheart69 says:

    haha my rabbits is so pissy
    he growls all the time

  18. Hilokilo06 says:

    Does bunnies make noises???????

  19. snowwolfsabertooth says:


  20. Yeah, he growls sometimes! He did it a lot more when we first adopted him.

  21. 0.0 did your bunny just like “grrr” at you at the end -_-

  22. darthbonsly says:

    yea i know
    everyone’s bunnies are different ! mine’s really quiet.and his favorite toy is a baby rattle :D.
    He like throws it around lolz. he also likes to go for walks(as weird as that sounds)and he’s afraid of squirrels O_o

  23. This cutie-pie bunny can stare at me for the rest of my life, although I sure want to pet him~

  24. CorneliusMcGee says:

    this bunny looks like a wise old man

  25. reminds me of the ’80s: Hanging out at the
    bar . . . a good song . . . some dumb bunny keeping their mouth shut, looking cool and having a great stare that we all thought was cool. He was the perfect , until morning . . . when you got bit.

  26. wizardwolf67 says:

    If only some geniuses would find perfect music genre vid’s for other Bombshell Actresses like Angie Jolie, Posey Parker from Blade 3, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson etc that fit their looks and styles too, we’d all B laughing our asses off to the bank! : )

  27. syedjahangirs says:

    she have fucking big pussy

  28. fantastic video, makes me addicted to her, 5:55

  29. mmm, i did,so 2 11

  30. amazing sexiness, mmm i cum, wet to her she’s that….

  31. 3:12 is all

  32. fantastic hott, and anamazing ass, looovvveee her body

  33. Filipb2101 says:

    If she was naked, she’d be good porn material for me.

  34. That video is really nice and thanks and also she got a really nice boobs and buns of steel and also she is a beautiful actress and she was posing for alot of magazine.

  35. uspresident26 says:

    2:06 - 2:25 luckiest hand ever!

  36. uspresident26 says:

    This is why i LOVE paparazzi :) Thank you so much

  37. she has one JUICY ass why cant all women be like her

  38. dux765kinfa says:

    fine piss of ass

  39. great pics with a great song

  40. She was so COOOOOL in “Dark Angel” a true beauty!
    I didden’t even know Kiss did music like this, sounds a little like Foreigner.

  41. bob1234g100 says:

    I came @ 4:21.

  42. Paris Hilton in our video! EXCLUSIVE!

  43.  You gotta be kidding….there is no such thing!!!!

  44. 4:45 are you kidding me??

  45. Chrisjaldin says:

    Of all the ass lines I’ve seen, she has it just perfect. XD
    Btw, nice music selection; goes with the flow.


    5 stars doesn’t do this video justice!

  47. cashelblue90 says:

    what a dish!!!!

  48. bediverestonewortr says:

    She has a beautiful ass…looks so sexy

  49. Yes she is beautifull… but she’s no porn material… truth hurts.

  50. they’re cannot be only one beautifull woman… i trust you .. i see them everyday… more beautifull than every hollywood women… and they work hard for a living… no magasines… only living like u and me…. god bless women beauty.

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