Sep 13, 2012

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Workout Tips From Hollywood Fitness Babes

Folks who I take into account Hollywood fitness babes are Hollywood actors and actresses who get in fantastic shape in the course of movie roles. Right here are some wonderful examples of “fitness babes”…in no specific order.

1) Jessica Biel in “Blade Trinity”

two) Daniel Craig in “James Bond”

three) Megan Fox in “Transformers”

four) Jessica Alba in “Into the Blue”

five) Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”

6) Jamie Foxx in “Miami Vice”

7) Demi Moore in “Charlie’s Angels”

8) Halle Berry in “Cat Woman”

9) Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider”

10) Mathew McConaughey in “Sahara”

What are some of the commonalities between these Hollywood fitness babes?

For the most part they do not pack on muscle for their upcoming film roles. They typically concentrate on losing physique fat and gaining muscle tone. I would argue that none of these actors and actresses packed on muscle for any of these roles.

The great thing about losing body fat is that it tends to make men’s faces handsome by providing them a square-jawed look…for women it emphasizes their cheekbones. Individuals hardly ever talk about how getting fit affects the definition in the face. It is a single of the motives Hollywood’s actors and actresses look so desirable.

Also…drinking plenty of water and consuming clean for a couple of months prior to a film, gives actors and actresses glowing skin. You would be surprised at how considerably greater your skin looks as soon as you shed toxins in your body. A mixture of water and sweating through cardio actually cleans out your technique.

These are just a handful of fitness ideas you can learn from Hollywood fitness babes…there are a lot of, several far more.

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