Oct 8, 2012

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ASIF & BABY NAZNIN -tumi ele

ASIF & BABY NAZNIN -tumi ele

romantic duet by Baby Naznin & Asif, taken from the album “Opekkhai Theko”. Music by Bappa Mojumdar & lyrics by Zulfikar Russell

  1. well.i’m not saying this one a best song,but yah whenever i listen this song,i feel like this song has something in it

  2. w0w0w0 Niceeeeeeeeeee

  3. i love this song

  4. Bengali

  5. dargee143 says:


  6. x0xmayterax0x says:

    i know it so cute

  7. baby naznin n asif r the best

  8. Shayla646 says:

    but he looks really cute in this vedio and that lazuk smile he has in this vedio.

  9. Shayla646 says:

    asif is attarctive even though he is not hot

  10. Excellent song 4rm SHAH

  11. CaptainFaisal says:

    really great song!!!

  12. no, UK

  13. “Opekkhaiye Theko” -an album featuring various artists singing songs written by Zulfikar Russell and musically composed by Bappa Mojumdar

  14. bangla8207 says:

    asif can sing…..but he is not HOTTTTT,

  15. hotnsexybabylovesu says:

    they dont match!!

  16. cappocchino says:

    nice song, asif has a sexy voice and baby naznin ‘s is ok. they could have made a nice video..

  17. gypsy1234567 says:

    … nice song but crappy video …

  18. Shayla646 says:

    asif u r sooooooooooooo hottttttttt and cute also a handsome guy

  19. mseskayangeleyes says:

    how romantic….:-)asif’s voice is hotttttt!

  20. Shayla646 says:

    it’s a beautiful and romantic song, nice job guys make some more songs like that……………:)

  21. payeltheboss says:

    sexy song!

  22. sabrinasugar says:

    good sexy body language bewteen the two- always helps!

  23. vegeta4200 says:

    great song

  24. DesiGuRl13 says:

    gud song :}

  25. angelwings122 says:

    Very sweet song!

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