Oct 18, 2012

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Jessica Alba Meet Bill (Sucking Finger) 2x -.flv

Jessica Alba Meet Bill (Sucking Finger) 2x -.flv

  1. groovesan says:

    well, it feels like you would pound someone at the moment (male boner).
    for female boner, I suppose you feel like you want to being pount? :3

  2. MsAbaddonna says:

    Maybe! ;D
    I laughed really hard while reading your comment!
    Just can imagin’ how it would feel like having a boner. xD

  3. groovesan says:

    let me explain:
    you’re not a girl if you have a boner.
    a dickgirl, maybe?

  4. mastergfbspr says:

    is that walter jr

  5. Cydonius1 says:

    I always knew she loves to suck ….. fingers

  6. SuperAditya92 says:

    Wow it was awesome reaction after sucking

  7. iBuDdY1000 says:

    I want my girlfriend to do that to me!

  8. AllWaySweet says:

    You posted this comment 6 months ago so you maybey already know but… it’s logan lerman

  9. MsAbaddonna says:

    Its ok 😀 Dont stress urself!

  10. Sentinith says:

    Wow, sorry. I got carried away there.

  11. MsAbaddonna says:

    lol calm down hun 😀

  12. Sentinith says:

    What the fuck is wrong with you? do all girls seek this sort of attention? shut the fuck up, and go look at Justin Bieber videos. Jessica Alba is for the men, you fucking lesbian fuck.

  13. Coentjh R says:


  14. VictorJr54 says:

    holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt

  15. I would have put the chocolate on my sex organ! so she could suck that!

  16. convarcitromailhu says:

    The greatest scene in the film :DDD

  17. MsAbaddonna says:

    BONER!!! omg.. I’m a girl, but still I want her to do that to me <:

  18. Artur GiGi says:

    we need a 10 hour version of this video.. *fapfapfap*

  19. regiomontano14 says:

    Damn i wish she did that 2 me

  20. Sportster481213 says:


  21. NickJC515 says:

    Not sure how I ended up here but thats one lucky lil bastard.

  22. FAP FAP FAP…

  23. g0dfathermezz715 says:

    haha definitely. He had chocolate on the tip, she went passed the second bend!

  24. giggity.

  25. she went alittle further down that finger thannecessary. What a slut. lol

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