Oct 22, 2012

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Jessica Alba on Today Show 06/06/07

Jessica Alba on Today Show 06/06/07

Jessica Alba marketing Wonderful 4 two and getting her girl-next-door self.
Video Rating: four / 5

Honey Film Clip – watch all clips j.mp click to subscribe j.mp When Honey (Jessica Alba) comes across some children beat boxing and break dancing in an alley, she invites them to come to her hip hop class. TM & © Universal (2012) Cast: Lil’ Romeo, Zachary Williams, Jessica Alba, Joy Bryant Director: Bille Woodruff MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: j.mp Join our Facebook web page: j.mp Follow us on Twitter: j.mp Purchase Movie: amzn.to Producer: Andre Harrell Screenwriter: Film Description: Dark Angel-lead Jessica Alba stars in the title role of this film, the function debut from music-video director Bille Woodruff. Honey is a girl from the streets who works in a record store, teaches the occasional dance class at a community center, and treks downtown every single weekend to hit the clubs and attempt out some new moves. There, she meets a music video producer (David Moscow) who gives her a opportunity to be a choreographer — but at a cost she sooner or later learns she’s unwilling to pay. Determined to choose herself back up, Honey goes back to the inner-city of her youth with plans of starting a dance school. Lil’ Romeo co-stars as Honey’s protege other true-life musicians (which includes Missy Elliott, Tweet, Jay-Z, and Ginuwine) seem as themselves. honey,”honey clip”,”honey badger”,”honey bee blake shelton”,”jessica alba”,”joy bryant”,”lil romeo”,”zachary williams”,”bille woodruff”,”bicycle videos”,”boombox videos”,”contemporary movie musicals”,drama,”hip-hop contemporary dance”,musicals,”showbiz dramas

  1. frenchbrie says:

    Lol did anyone notice that crowd behind just waving everytime the camera turns to them?

  2. MY BIRTHDAY! so this is what she was doing… haha i was partying XD

  3. chrisjohnson4life says:

    i´d love for her to be my girlfriend…
    i REALLY REALLY love her!!! <3

  4. orangemiss says:

    0:48 whoa!

  5. xxxPokerfacexxx says:

    best smile ever and best laugh too she a natural fun girl not the typical holllywood star imo i just love her

  6. soundbass555 says:

    I would love to bang Jessica Alba.

  7. LOL! There’s a video of her deepthroating a banana on the site below! No jokes! Def. her!
    think she did it as a joke.


    Register for free first, then type in “jessica alba banana”

  8. EHSstriker10 says:

    shes so gorgeous

  9. evenjesuspooped says:

    she needs acting lessons more than ben affleck

  10. chalinonando says:

    I dont think she meant it the way she said it was. Shes like mexican / white..lol she doesnt speak spanish so hmm..Im fluent in it so idk..

  11. maybe…

  12. Klarkedude says:

    Good question … Maybe its the concentration from the eyes and the blood is going through the Nasolacrimal canal into the nose.

  13. ormanci489 says:

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  14. but how come every time she does a force field like when she was holding up something heavy she gets a nosebleed? i never figured that part out

  15. dogzrock1 says:

    Jessica Alba is beautiful. xxx

  16. SirThomaline says:

    You know. I do think her Fav colour is Red. She did monday’s interview in Red again.

  17. lovelydiva06 says:

    was it me or did she have on blue contacts in fantastic four the rise of the silver surfer

  18. pumkin1234561 says:

    i love benny and romeo

  19. Benny aka. Romeo = Bow Wow wanna be!!

  20. Howard Carey says:

    The first beat is so funny

  21. CallMeShocks says:

    Romeo Killed It #SWAG

  22. bdiaz70111 says:

    They put in video cuz he good soo why hate

  23. tonnetta45johnson says:

    That girl nicole cute af omm

  24. popstarcrazy233 says:

    yes he can

  25. Rome can’t dance, why’d they put him in the movie???

  26. cutiepie4686 says:

    lil romeo is BOOM TO DA MAX

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