Oct 14, 2012

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Jessica Alba Portrait time-lapse speed drawing

Jessica Alba Portrait time-lapse speed drawing

my web site: www.theportraitart.com I believe this was 2nd video i ever uploaded to youtube. (had to reupload with new music)
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. heisebasse says:

    Nice drawing. Not much else to´╗┐ say ­čÖé

  2. heisebasse says:

    Lol´╗┐ I have to give you thumbs up for that one ­čÖé

  3. lara19lala says:

    Omg people´╗┐ we get it he’s a guy I think we all know that but the couple of people that called him a she! & What do you use to smudge? & What the average time it takes you to do one portrait? & my last question is about how many drawings do you have or have drawn? Lol (:

  4. says he’s´╗┐ a guy on his deviant account. amazing work btw

  5. kamirules123 says:

    dude thats´╗┐ a woman, cant you tell from the hands, and the name on the channel? -________-

  6. Vivungisport says:

    Come on man ! . What is your knowledge in art, because you give me the impression that you dont know so much about this subject. I personally have studied art for a year and can draw desent portraits .`My opinion is that it`s not that hard draw photogenic portraits (because i`m almost there now ) THE problem is to do it in 2´╗┐ houres, and not 20 h( as in my case). Time is money$ for artist as well !

  7. percutezable says:

    please can anyone tell me the´╗┐ song used for this great video

  8. sterodsR4cockjockeys says:

    i really hope i am wrong, but i think you xiaonan have something very fishy about your drawings, i hope u are not an impostor i really hope so but im going to find out, and if you have been doing´╗┐ fraud everyone will find out i promise.

  9. xxbluejay21 says:


  10. KoolioBoiz says:

    the music sounds like fl´╗┐ so bad im in creases…

  11. yoyoandrew123 says:

    this picture is so good i´╗┐ get even horny!!!

  12. i´╗┐ think you can’t eraser chatcoal…

  13. Haha I find her ^^´╗┐

  14. MrLilgangsta66 says:

    ´╗┐ koooll

  15. TheEvilEike says:

    also er benutzt einen kohle-stift, charcoal ist eig holzkohle
    dann tortillion wei├č ich nicht, sorry findest aber warscheinlich bilder bei google oder so
    hard rubber eraser ist ein harter gummi radierer (direkte ├╝berstzung, gibt´╗┐ warscheinlich irgendnen fachbegriff oder so..) und als dritten punkt hat er einen geknetteten radierer…

    hoffe das hilft, ich kiann zwar english hab aber kein plan von kunst bzw dem equip also tuts mir leid wenns nichts bringt ;P

  16. Anyone´╗┐ know the artist and title of this piece?

  17. BAZINGA931 says:

    omg, and´╗┐ you like never erase ! what the hell ..

  18. Joemamahswak says:

    Did you´╗┐ happen to forget the ear, or is the shadow of her hair that dark?

  19. HanZehKaJin says:

    Can you draw her body facing us next´╗┐ time . Hands in the air . With no clothes . Please ?

  20. BIH2010BIH says:

    can anyone tell me what´╗┐ the used tools are in german?

  21. i admire´╗┐ your work, big inspiration to me i learn a lot just by seeing.

  22. <3 your vids but at this one - i think her left ear should be´╗┐ at least partially visible or?

  23. TheSASQUATCH93 says:

    Your work is very impressive. Are you a visual´╗┐ artist?

  24. jakeybrowny774ey says:

    that is one´╗┐ of the best drawings I have ever seen

  25. iTsMirjamx3 says:

    Omg… i would kill someone´╗┐ to draw like this D:

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