Oct 9, 2012

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Meet the Parents: Little Fockers International Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers International Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers International Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Twitter.com – Follow Us! Meet the Parents: Tiny Fockers hits theaters on December 22nd, 2010. Cast: Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Barbra Streisand, Jessica Alba, Laura Dern, Harvey Keitel, Dustin Hoffman, Raven-Symone, Daisy Tahan The test of wills among Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) and Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) escalates to new heights of comedy in the third installment of the blockbuster series – “Little Fockers.” Laura Dern, Jessica Alba and Harvey Keitel join the returning all-star cast for a new chapter of the worldwide hit franchise. It has taken ten years, two small Fockers with wife Pam (Polo) and many hurdles for Greg to finally get “in” with his tightly wound father-in-law, Jack. Following the cash-strapped dad takes a job moonlighting for a drug business, however, Jack’s suspicions about his favored male nurse come roaring back. When Greg and Pam’s complete clan – which includes Pam’s lovelorn ex, Kevin (Owen Wilson) – descends for the twins’ birthday celebration, Greg need to prove to the skeptical Jack that he’s totally capable as the man of the residence. But with all the misunderstandings, spying and covert missions, will Greg pass Jack’s final test and become the family’s subsequent patriarch… or will the circle of trust be broken for very good? Meet the Parents: Small Fockers trailer courtesy Universal Photographs.

  1. yourfavoritekillzOG says:

    anybody else watching random trailers

  2. laurent91120 says:


  3. RichRemix says:

    LOl i Love the remix video at the end of the video ahahahhaah

  4. AlexCohen33 says:

    this trilogy freaking SUCKED.Who fucking cares about the kids,I also hated the fact that Jack was no longer a bad ass like in the first two movies where he owned people.this movie was as bad as home alone 4 and the son of the mask.

  5. airdavid4 says:

    Click the whole time on 0:39.you get a cool remix!

  6. shiftydriggyIzy says:

    i went to see this at the drive in for my birthday:D

  7. PrincessUlli says:

    im scared of getting trojans/viruses though. is it safe..is there any viruses on it?

  8. PrincessUlli says:

     hi…i just went on your channel? where is the upload of little fockers? please, i really want to watch that movie on youtube

  9. 1BtaStar1 says:

    hey wanna watch the whole thing just visit my channel!!!!

  10. oho when he JUMPS into the pool. its so childish i love it :)

  11. Sk4terz4EvA says:

    “Henry,i’m your farther and i’m requesting you to eat some lasagne.

  12. peter08xxx says:

    i honesty thought he was going to search Robert Dario in google then Joe Pesi pop on the screen and said i’m back mother fucker! then he got a heart attack that would of been funny! 😀

  13. Y’know in the film at the part where Greg and Jack are fighting on the bouncy castle? Does anyone know the song please??? (:

  14. sirjohnrambo says:

    Jay Roach directed Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers why the hell didn’t he do this one? maybe thats why I heard this Little Fockers movie is so bad and the first two are awesome. Jay Roach directed all 3 Austin Powers movies and they were all funny. Jay you should have finished your other comedy trilogy. Now the Meet the Parents franchise is the same as the Beverly Hills Cop movies…1 and 2 are great movies but the 3rd one sucks

  15. the critics gave this film a very bad review, so I think you will be very disappointed.

  16. Johny40Se7en says:

    Looks incredible, so funny. Looking forward to seeing this I loved the first two.

  17. EmilyStation1994 says:

    Tom Jones – Give a little love

  18. amarjit758 says:

    can someone tell me who sings that “give a little love” song during the trailer i can’t find it anywhere, please help !

  19. im the GOD FUCKER! haha

  20. MadGadgetz says:

    for brand new pirot copies of this disk with high quality 16:9 ratio £5 (free shipping) uk only message me, paypal.

  21. lukefukinmiller says:

    cant wait 2 c this

  22. MissWooHoo1 says:

    i heard this movie was really shit so i dunno whether to download it or not.

  23. G4meTesters says:


  24. darthrevan43 says:

    Barbra Streisand 

  25. 9 people are not in the circle of trust

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