Oct 12, 2012

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Scary Chat Roulette – Evil Jessica Alba Part 2

Scary Chat Roulette – Evil Jessica Alba Part 2

Scaring the sh*t outta some men and women on chatroulette – Jessica Alba with an evil twist part2. The Alba video is on my channel
Video Rating: four / 5

  1. DrDomePerc says:

    the tongue was a nice addition

  2. DrDomePerc says:

    it freaks me out every single time she makes that face…

  3. KingDario1000 says:

    haha the last one xD

  4. kyle gonzales says:

    XD 00:56 epic nose pick


  6. HugeVicTORiousFan09 says:

    How’d you do that?

  7. TheWattpader101 says:

    why is he on chat roullette … hes married
    look at his right finger, the ring on it o_O

  8. tabbirawwR says:


  9. grimreaper0666 says:

    where can i get jessica’s video? its awesome 😀

  10. sophifoofa says:


  11. Oliver Antal says:

    03:17 I eat batman for breakfast! :))

  12. thats not here well it is but its just a loop that someone edited

  13. michaelmyers3331 says:

    How can I find Evil Jessica Alba on ChatRoulette? Because I go on ChatRoulette too. Someone please reply! PLEASE!!!

  14. is it really her or what??

  15. 0:52 super creep lol

  16. how do u do dat!!

  17. 3:20 Is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.. He should be an ACTOR cuz he showed all the range of emotions in like 10 seconds xDDD

  18. bobmarleytv100 says:

    1:43 FAIL :L

  19. HBKHHHJBL says:

    video download link please

  20. iloveboxers200 says:

    i do too i thought it was funny that they got away from the computer and closed it

  21. CaramelHoteI says:

    3:30 Dont smile at me ho. WHAHAHAH

  22. LGBTJourneyToGod says:

    LOL I loved the people at the very end.

  23. cammato123 says:

    @aofholmes where can i download that? please tell me

  24. JasperTheDoxie says:

    I lol’d. So. Fucking. Hard.

  25. kevintothe11 says:

    5:38 DUCK AND ROLL!!

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