Oct 21, 2012

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Sin City – Jessica Alba Dancing

Sin City – Jessica Alba Dancing

Sin City – Jessica Alba Dancing Storyline 4 tales of crime adapted from Frank Miller’s popular comics, focusing about a muscular brute who’s seeking for the individual responsible for the death of his beloved Goldie, a man fed up with Sin City’s corrupt law enforcement who takes the law into his own hands following a horrible error, a cop who dangers his life to shield a girl from a deformed pedophile, and a hitman searching to make a small money

  1. Emre Karaman says:


  2. Because the main character’s narration?

  3. Peter Martin says:


  4. Emre Karaman says:

    why is that reminds me maxx payne

  5. MAIDENMETALHEAD1995 says:

    Because he didn’t realize they were bluffing until it actually hit him, when he does realize it he tries to walk away but she eventually notices him.

  6. hydrolito says:

    Most people drive cars that are a few years old would have to see what newest car in the movie was to determine what time period it was if all cars used still couldn’t be sure even then. If he didn’t want her to notice him why did he stair right at her?

  7. Abs Duece says:

    I recall in an interview that the cars are the way they are because Frank Miller love’s the old school ones. Hence why he put them in his stories.

  8. thejudoka moreno says:


  9. AMAZING Directing!

  10. No, it’s amazing!

  11. Erik Jović says:

    Is this movie good?

  12. love hearing her say my surname is that sexy way Hartigan is irish

  13. eljefereal says:

    strange question… probably the 50’s, only because of the cars.

  14. jonjohnchen says:

    she’s been doing naughty stuff!

  15. in which time happen sin city?
    is posible in middle of the 60’s?
    any one can help me

  16. IHearteggs2012 says:

    3:23 That Yellow Bastard!

  17. romeonarcizo says:

    the song when jessica dance is the same of the XMEN trailer!!!

  18. AintDoneYet123 says:

    its part of the atmosphere of the movie, the city is very dark full of crime n sadness, and usually when someone is colored he stands out in a way either in beauty or being evil or what ever, if u watched the movie you would know who the yellow guy is

  19. icecold339 says:

    it is very weird

  20. at the begining this scene kinda reminds me max payne series….

  21. muffingobbler2600 says:

    Ok, i’ve never watched sin city but why is everyone black and white except the weird yellow monster guy?

  22. yallowrosa says:

    nice film at the beginning … later it becomes ripetitive and absurd

  23. axelrydercooper says:

    The song is Absurd by FLUKE

  24. Fluke – Absurd

  25. Absurd by Fluke

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