Oct 7, 2012

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The BEST 90’s songs – VERY nostalgic!

The BEST 90’s songs – VERY nostalgic!

All the greatest songs from the 90’s, to get you feeling nostalgic! Comment and rate please!

You got queries? Ninja’s got Answers! Leave your concerns in the comments!

  1. Like it. Takes me back to my childhood, especially the bridge at 20.25. Walked over that bridge many times on walks around Langdale in the Lake District as a child.

  2. dancepiglover says:


  3. babyboosabz says:

    I’m not homophobic 🙂 Which is why I don’t like when ‘men’ comment on this video trying to use being gay as an insult. It annoys me and I think it makes the commenter sound uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

  4. Alfredo Souza says:

    Homophobics everywhere!

  5. babyboosabz says:

    I agree 🙂

  6. MrJunelletubania says:

    You don’t have to avoid songs to be a real man..If you’re comfortable with who you are, song selection is not an issue..

  7. This music is from the 90’s and the people who liked it or atleast remember it, grew up in the 90’s, being that you are 23 years old which means you were born in 89-90, so you would have no memory of all this. So the whole “nostalgic” would be lost on some who was still crawling around and wearing diapers when alot of this music was released.

  8. bradfuckingham says:

    Great list! Junior High, High, and College in the 90’s for me, so I remember all these songs! Working on a playlist for my wedding, so this has been wonderfully helpful in joggin my memory of some great (and a few not so great (Nysync!?), LOL) songs. Thanks!!! BTW for some more 90’s, check out Cake, Fastball, Blink 182, Everclear, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Bens Fold five, Candlebox…..soooo many great bands from then. Vote Clinton!! lol

  9. babyboosabz says:

    thanks :)

  10. babyboosabz says:

    Thanks for the comment, couldn’t agree more 🙂

  11. Some songs here I liked, some others I loved… And I’m straight.

    Saying that listening or making this video because of the songs included makes you or someone being Gay or anything is plain old Prejudice..

    I said “old”. because its getting kinda old and boring seeing it almost everywhere..

    P.S: I grew up listening to this songs..

  12. madamaczone says:

    Man, you are wrong, Im man and my favorite kind of music includes heavy metal, rock 80’s, 90’s & 00’s. But Im not uncomfortable with this kind of music, and I would say why. I’m 23 years old guy, and when those songs was very popular, I was enjoying the better stage of my life: my childhood so, if Im not particularly lover of many artist here is because I had other interests, so I can’t deny those songs marked my childhood and I’m very proud of it, because it makes me remember and enjoy my past

  13. babyboosabz says:

    No, I am a girl. And only a man who was very uncomfortable with his own sexuality would have issues with this kind of music.

  14. Kormondre says:

    I hope you are not a boy op because if you are, you are certainly gay…(proof : the songs)

  15. theturkishgamer1 says:


  16. babyboosabz says:

    thanks alot :))

  17. reallifevixen says:

    I think you’ve done a grand job; bravo!!

  18. babyboosabz says:

    😀 thank you 🙂

  19. EPIC.

  20. babyboosabz says:

    the only one who is gay is you. now go f*ck of an listen to some justin bieber you twat!

  21. H4RDSTYL3RAV3R says:

    i don’t know any of these gay fucking songs

  22. babyboosabz says:

    I know right, I think the music in the video is great 😀

  23. TheGmoney4980 says:

    No Creed!!!!! Parents don’t let babies become douche bags. Bwahaha! & no baby pictures with Creed. Too traumatic. Bwahaha!! I miss Ninja..With Deadly Tiny poison frog darts. Of coarse.

  24. rataafalava says:

    simple. washing is a no-no.

  25. Do ninjas use deodorant?

  26. Is there any way for a ninja to watch a Republican debate WITHOUT wanting to kill all the candidates? 🙂

  27. theevilonerises says:

    just so you know a rival ninja is on her way to kill you. y’know, for that thing you did. no not that thing, the other thing, with the weed whacker and bus full of abscure ninja relatives.

  28. ghillethroughtime says:

    i once killed a ninja with frebreeze


  29. Bloodkine says:

    My shadow keeps trying to attack me. Do you have any tips on defending against your own shadow?

  30. DontExpectMeToListen says:


  31. DANNYROCKHOT says:

    ninja math: Ninja > You 😀

  32. imspiderwebs says:

    Do ninjas ever take off their black gees?

  33. DaLilPwny says:

    Are you a Brony?

  34. FooKingKitty says:

    10 people walked into shadows

  35. godzillaprime2 says:

    have you ever road godzilla?

  36. godzillaprime2 says:

    have you ever road godzilla

  37. TheBlackLotus18 says:

    may we see your face?

  38. TheByrdWhoLovesRock says:

    Rangers eat a bowl of baby hearts every day before war!!!!! yum! yum! yum! Protein bitch!!!!! lol thought of that when he said shadow steven eats baby hearts.

  39. toreerulz says:

    this time bullet, i’ll be baby proof

  40. VenomsRage815 says:

    1:18 BOOM! flipped off

  41. Is Batman a trained ninja? Or are ninja trained Batmen? And who would win in a fight, Batman or a ninja? Or would the world just end do to the amount of awesome from a fight between Batman and a ninja?

  42. MrRyanstutorials says:

    is Bugs Bunny a ninja?

  43. urpaderpa says:

    It is probably because the Samurai are incredible warriors with heavy armor, and even though ninjas were masters of stealth, not a lot could defeat a mighty Samurai in combat, even with the advantage of surprise on the ninja’s side.

  44. kane111111133 says:

    do ninjas jump over hurdles, turtles, or HURTLES?

  45. HaleyLuvsChicken says:

    one of those HIPPOPOTAMISES like the big ones that drown their baby because their so ashamed about how fat they are

  46. techfanmarc1209 says:

    Is superman a ninja? and if not who would win in a fight, superman or a ninja?

  47. techfanmarc1209 says:

    Who would win in a fight and how, a ninja or superman? Unless superman is a ninja….

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